Meeting Minutes: July 22, 1993


Council Chair Hunvald called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in room S110 of the Memorial Union. Members present included: Gary Allee, John Bauer, Dale Blevins, Irv Cockriel, Vicki Conn, Jay Dix, Hildegarde Heymann, Edward H. Hunvald, Brent Jones, Steve Matthews, John Miles, Kerby Miller, Loren A. Nikolai, Deborah Pearsall, L.L. Penny, Glenn Pierce, Patricia Plummer, Michael Prewitt, Dennis Sentilles, Don Sievert, Mary Ellen Sievert, Harry Tyrer, Don York, and Dean Schmidt (Library). Absent were: Hardeep Bhullar, Robert Birkenholz, Brooke Cameron, Richard Hardy, Richard Hoft, Karla Hughes, Eugene Lane, Mark Ryan, Kit Salter, Susan Taylor, Betty Winfield, Warren Zahler, Mabel Grimes (Black Faculty & Staff), and Ray Schroeder (Retirees).

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the April 15, 1993 Faculty Council meeting were approved.

Report of Officers

The Executive has reviewed a document drafted by Marty Oetting on Clarifying the MU policy on employees and political activities.

The Executive Committee has met with the Council of Deans. There was a presentation on Fund Raising Goals and Priorities. There was a discussion on Promotion and Tenure policies.

The IFC will be meeting on August 20, 1993 and Chairman Hunvald will be presenting our Tenure Clock Stopping policy.

Parking fees will increase this fall.

In the meeting packet there is a proposed schedule of Faculty Council meetings in 1993-1994.

Discussion Item

Policy on Grievance Hearing Committee. The following proposal was submitted for discussion:
"Policy regarding service on Grievance Hearing Committees

No person may serve on a Grievance Hearing Committee when the grievant or the respondent was a member of a Grievance Hearing Committee for a case in which the person was a grievant or respondent.

No person may serve on a Grievance Hearing Committee when the grievant or respondent was a party to a grievance involving the person as a grievant or respondent.

In such cases, the person's name shall not be included in the Hearing Panel list. If an alternate is available, the alternate's name should be substituted on the Hearing Panel list."

Discussion occurred with one Faculty Council member questioning why this issue is separate from the other issues currently be evaluated by the Grievance Hearing Task Force.

Merit Initiative. The Fiscal Affairs Committee submitted the following proposal for discussion:


In order to encourage a more healthy campus environment and to fund appropriate merit allocations for faculty in exceptionally strong departments who are deemed only "average" relative to their colleagues in that department -- but who could be deemed "above average" on the whole campus or college level -- an effective merit salary allocation system must operate not only at the individual level but at all levels as well, and be seen to do so.

Faculty Council calls upon the Chancellor to ask each academic administrative head (Provost, deans and Department Chairs) to lead and support implementation of the MU Merit Salary Adjustment system by direct, visible example.

Specifically, at the time the Provost hands down the salary adjustment budget to the Dean of each of his divisions, he will report to each Dean the percentage allocation he has received from the Chancellor along with the overall percentage allocation he has decided upon for each division of the campus. In addition, he will report the mean deviation -- from the salary adjustment figure allocated to his office by the Chancellor -- among the percentage adjustments he has decided upon for all individual vice-provosts and deans and other academic administrative heads under his charge, along with the first and fourth quartiles for this distribution.

Secondly, at the time a dean hands down the salary adjustment budget to the Chair of each of his or her departments, he report to each Chair the percentage allocation he has received from the Provost along with the overall percentage allocation he has decided upon for each department of his or her college. In addition, he will report the mean deviation -- from the figure allocated to his office by the Provost -- among the adjustments he has decided upon for all individual Associate and Assistant Deans, all Chairs, and all other academic administrative heads under his or her charge, along with the first and fourth quartiles of this distribution.

Finally, when a faculty member is informed of her or his salary adjustment, it be accompanied by the numbers reported to the Provost to her Dean, by her dean to her Chair, and a third set of similar (deviation and quartile) numbers arrived at for individual salary adjustments within her department by her Chair.

Example: A Provost is allocated an 8% salary adjustment budget by the Chancellor. He allocates this budget to his (say, for the purpose of example) 3 colleges as follows: C1: 7%, C2: 8.5%, C3: 9%. He reports these to each of his Deans. Additionally, the Provost assigns the following adjustments to his two vice-provosts, three deans and three other administrative heads: VP1: 6%, VP2: 8.5%; D1: 8%, D2: 10%, D3: 6.5%; AH1: 7.0%, AH2: 8%, AH3: 9.5%. His secretary computes the mean deviation: [2.0 + 0.5 + 0 + 1.5 + 1.0 + 0 + 1.5] / 8 = [8.5] / 8 = 1.06%. The Provost advises his Deans of this number along with the first and fourth quartiles: 6.5% and 9.5%, respectively. Each Dean follows a similar procedure for unit adjustments, and for individual adjustments, and reports these to his or her Chairs, who in turn do the same for individuals in their departments and report these numbers from all three levels to each of their faculty.

It is to be emphasized that this process identifies no individual or individual adjustment in name or position and maintains full confidentiality for all concerned. It makes no statement about how merit is to be determined. It allows for a great deal of individual variance and does not demand adherence to any number. It does provide an overall indication of the extent and breadth at which the merit system is operating at all academic levels and may encourage departments to pull together as a unit a little more."

A short discussion occurred.

IFC Report

The IFC will be meeting on August 20, 1993. The July meeting of The Board of Curators (BOC) was canceled. Enrollment management and C-Base testing will be on the agenda for the September BOC meeting.

Library Report

Dean Schmidt (Library) gave a review and a report on the status of library enhancement. In his opinion the library staff has had a long range plan including review by outside consultants (15 & 10 years ago). It appears that the President Russell feels that we need an off-site storage facility instead of actually enhancing the library. President Russell has decided to have an outside consultant team give recommendations on a storage facility for the four campuses. At this time Professor Plummer reminded the Faculty Council that the Faculty Council has ask the President's office to inform Faculty Council of his intention to name an outside consulting team so that Faculty Council can made suggestions with regard to the individuals named to the consultant team and have some input with regard to the charges to the consulting team.

Dean Schmidt reported that the library will need to cancel $170,000 of serials for next year. This is less than the estimated $200,000 which was made earlier this year. Dean Schmidt requested that Faculty Council talk to Chancellor Kielser about Library enhancement as it does not appear to him or other library staff members that the campus is following the campus long range plan that was written about one year ago. Discussion followed with regard to this issue.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs (Steve Matthews)

No report.

Faculty Affairs (John Bauer)

Professor Bauer reminded Faculty Council that while some progress has been made with regard to the Market & Merit issue, salary compression still remains a serious problem and he encouraged the Executive Committee of Faculty Council to have this issue as part of their agenda the next academic year.

Fiscal Affairs (John Miles)

The Tax Deferred Annuity Summary is now available (June 1, 1993).

Special Projects (Loren Nikolai)

No report.

Student Affairs (Bob Birkenholz)

No report

Chairman Hunvald thanked all committee chairs for the work they did this past year.

Closed Session for Committee Assignments, Personnel Matters, & Adjournment

The following individual were appointed to the following committees:

Faculty Grievance Hearing Panel:

Anne Edwards (Library)
Richard Thorsen - First alternate (Education and Counseling Psychology)
William Braun - Second alternate (Veterinary Medicine)

Committee on Undergraduate Education:

Keith Sanders (Journalism)
Robert Collins (Social Science)
Allen Bluedorn (Business and Public Administration)

The following individuals were elected to the Executive Committee of Faculty Council:

Hildegarde Heymann - Academic Affairs
Jean Hamilton - Faculty Affairs
John Miles - Fiscal Affairs
Brent Jones - Student Affairs
Dean Schmidt - Special Projects
Eugene Lane - Recorder
Irv Cockriel - Observer to the Board of Curators
Don Sievert - Editor of Faculty Forum and member IFC

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brent D. Jones, Recorder