Meeting Minutes: June 17, 1993


Council Chair Hunvald called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. in room S110 of the Memorial Union. Members present included: John Bauer, Robert Birkenholz, Irv Cockriel, Jay Dix, Jean Hamilton, Hildegarde Heymann, Edward H. Hunvald, Brent Jones, Kerby Miller, L. L. Penny, Patricia Plummer, Mark Ryan, Don Sievert, Don York, Dean Schmidt (Library). Fred Springsteel was an alternate for Dennis Sentilles and Birgit Wassmuth was an alternate for Betty Winfield. Absent were: Dale Blevins, Brooke Cameron, Richard Hardy, Richard Hoft, Eugene Lane, Steve Matthews, John Miles, Loren A. Nikolai, Michael Prewitt, Kit Salter, Mary Ellen Sievert, Susan Taylor, Warren Zahler, Mable Grimes (Black Faculty & Staff), and Ray Schroeder (Retirees).

Discussion Items

Medical Insurance Program. Ken Hutchinson, Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services, answered many questions from Faculty Council members on the report of the Committee on Medical Insurance Committee. He felt it would be wise to continue utilizing this committee for its expertise throughout the summer.

Report of Officers

Chairman Hunvald related that the IFC will meet tomorrow and discuss the medical insurance issue, and will get a report on tenure.

The nominating committee for the remaining officers of Faculty Council and Committee Chairs for the academic year '93-'94 has been appointed. Professor Cockriel has been appointed Chair. The members are Professors Plummer and Dix.

Action Items

A motion on student absences was passed at the previous Faculty Council meeting. The following is a revision of that motion:

Policy on Student Absences

Material to be added to M-Book. Underlined material to be inserted into the M-Book at end of paragraph entitled "Class Attendance:"

Class Attendance: Students are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions. A student who does not complete assigned academic work because of absence from class is responsible for making up that work in accordance with instructions provided by the instructor and consistent with any policy established by the faculty of the respective department or division. A divisional faculty, a department faculty, a course director, or an individual instructor may establish attendance standards and will determine whether a student will be permitted to make up work missed as a result of absence(s). There is no "Dean's Excuse" or "Official Absence".

Students may be dropped from a course due to excessive absences. Whether a student should be dropped from a course due to a number of absences remains the prerogative of the instructor. The instructor's policy on absences shall be provided to students at the beginning of the course.

It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor responsible for the course of anticipated absences from class, laboratories or examinations at the earliest opportunity after the start of the course. The instructor can then make a determination with this information on how the absences can be rectified or whether it is possible to satisfactorily complete the course with the number of identified absences.

It was moved and seconded that the revised version be adopted by Faculty Council. It passed by a voice vote.

The following motion was made by the Academic Affairs Committee:

Policy on Add-Drops. Following are amendments of material in M-Book in paragraphs entitled "Add-Drop," "Withdrawal" and "Assignment of Grades for Students Who Officially Withdraw from a Course(s)." Material underlined is to be added, material in [brackets] is to be deleted.

Add-Drop: Adding or dropping a class begins in the dean's office. After the 26th day of the semester or an equivalent period in a summer session, the signature of the instructor is required and a grade of W or WF will be assigned at that time. Following the approval, the student must process the form at the Brady Commons Registration Center, Room 208. Please consult "Refunds" for amounts refunded at different times, and "Withdrawal" for further information about withdrawal procedures.

Withdrawal from Courses: A student who wishes to withdraw from any course in which he/she is officially enrolled must declare his/her intention by processing the appropriate form no later than two-thirds of the way into the semester. This date is calculated and printed in the Schedule of Courses.

Withdrawal from the University: A student who wishes to withdraw from MU must have the appropriate form in the office of the dean of the school or college in which he/she is registered. Withdrawal may not be dated after the last scheduled day of course work. Withdrawal forms will normally be dated according to the date the request first was received. The office of the Dean in the student's division will notify each of the student's instructors of the student's withdrawal from MU.

Assignment of Grades for Students Who Officially Withdraw from a Course(s): No grade will be assigned to a student who officially withdraws from a course prior to the 26th day of a semester or an equivalent period of time in a summer session. A student who officially withdraws from a course on or after the 26th day is required to obtain the signature of the course instructor on the add/drop form and a grade of W or WF will be assigned at that time. A grade of WF is assigned if the student is judged to be failing at the time of the withdrawal [and who is doing failing work will be assigned the grade of WF. If the quality of the student's work is not judged to be failing at the time of withdrawal, the grade of W will be reported].

After much discussion it was seconded and passed by a voice vote.

The following motion was made by the Academic Affairs Committee, seconded, and passed by a voice vote:

Policy regarding independent study courses (correspondent courses) and University Extension Satellite Courses. Underlined text represents change in present policy.

For students who are enrolled at MU and taking an extension or a correspondence course from MU, or another institution, or wishing to have a correspondence course from another institution considered for credit at MU, the following recommendation is made:

1. The validity of an extension or a correspondence course as meeting the appropriate academic content as an equivalent course at MU will be determined by the academic advisor in consultation with the department in which area the correspondence course would reside. The signature of the Advisor and Dean will verify to the registrar that the extension/correspondence course may be considered for academic credit at MU. Courses which do not satisfy MU academic requirements will not be used for credit in MU programs (present policy).

2. Registration for a correspondence course will require the signature of the Faculty Advisor and Dean, as approving the course. All correspondence courses will appear on the academic transcript in the same manner as other courses.

3. The student will have 12 months to complete the course. If the course is not completed within this period, a grade of W, WF or I will be assigned.

Discussion Items Cont'd

The Executive Committee of Faculty Council moves that the Director of the Library be made an ex officio member (without a vote) of the Library Committee.

A motion was made to suspend the rules to deal with the motion. This motion was seconded and passed by a voice vote. After a very short discussion the motion passed by a voice vote.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs (Steve Matthews)

No further report.

Faculty Affairs (John Bauer)

No report.

Fiscal Affairs (John Miles)

The committee has met and will be presenting a resolution to Faculty Council on Faculty Salary Budget Allocations.

Special Projects (Loren Nikolai)

No report.

Student Affairs (Bob Birkenholz)

No report

Closed Session for Committee Assignments, Personnel Matters, & Adjournment

Professor Timothy Matterer was named Chair of the Promotion & Tenure Committee.

Professor Emeritus Harry Minor was named Chair of the Retiree Advisory committee.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brent D. Jones, Recorder