Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2017


Members present: Anne Alexander, Sheila Baker, Christi Bergin, David Bergin, John Gahl, Eric Sundvol (for Francisco Gomez), Trent Guess, Casandra Harper, Berkley Hudson, Art Jago, Dennis Kelley, Naresh Khatri, Teng Lim, Leslie Lyons, Camila Manrique, John Middleton, Clark Peters, Jeffrey Rouder, Marcia Shannon, Patrick Shiu, Anne Stanton, Mary Stegmaier, Kristin Taylor, Ben Trachtenberg, Vitor Trindade, William Wiebold, Robert Winholtz, Flore Zephir, Rebecca Graves (Librarians), Don Sievert (MURA), and Rebekah Hart (Council Secretary). Members absent: Tina Bloom, Tony Lupo, Rebecca Scott, Marty Steffens, Mahesh Thakkar, and Karen Piper (AAUP).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Trachtenberg called the meeting to order at 3:31 p.m. The minutes of the 12-8-2016 meeting were approved as presented.

Report of Officers

Motion by Bill Wiebold that consideration of a proposed “Standard of Faculty Conduct,” received from the Intercampus Faculty Council, be added to agenda. Motion carried.

Chair Trachtenberg noted that the budget outlook is bad. Governor Greitens is withholding $20M from MU’s budget this current fiscal year due to a state funding shortfall. This is money that was already budgeted. For the long term outlook, anticipate 20M fewer dollars for next fiscal year as well. The enrollment picture hasn’t changed from previous presentation. Not good news.

The Governor’s announcement is not a surprise, but administrators did not know the precise amount. Interim Chancellor Foley called Trachtenberg requesting input from Faculty Council on how to deal with budget shortfall. Think about recommendations especially for short term, along with long term. What do we spend money on that we don’t need?

The chair’s personal opinion is there isn’t enough fat to cut. Had a lot of cuts in recent past and if you look at peers, however chosen, in general we’re spending less than what is expected in order to do what we’re charged to do. Depending on how you count it, $1.2B of MU’s total budget is medical. That leaves $1B for everything else. Operating fund is approximately $600M, making $20M a big hit.

The chair is the Faculty Council representative on the MU Chancellor search. Jan 26 is the first meeting of the search committee, which is a solid group. The Provost will be reporting on other searches later in the meeting.

UM System Review Commission gave report on 12-30-2016. The chair commends them. The commission put together several recommendations and the chair thinks faculty can support most of these. Recommends that you read the report.

\Faculty Council is hosting the Curators on 02-10-17 at 8 a.m. for breakfast. Will be at Memorial Union. Please attend.

Action Items

Report from Faculty Affairs Committee on post-tenure review proposals received from Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) – Bloom. Ben Trachtenberg presented for Tina Bloom who was absent for a conference. Sent out a week ago, the report speaks for itself. Most concerns were with white paper rather than with the proposed CRR changes. Trachtenberg summarized changes and noted that we are moving white paper aside so we can get input to IFC on the core proposal (i.e., the rule changes). Working to go to Curators with strongest possible document. Recommendation is that MU faculty endorse IFC suggested improvements. Called for comments and discussion.

Question raised if IFC does not incorporate suggestions, does it come back to us. Reply is that the Faculty Affairs Committee suggests we endorse it. Chair doesn’t think it’s coming back to Council. IFC voting on this next week. Motion made to approve recommendations of Faculty Affairs Committee and thereby instruct IFC reps to share feedback with IFC and advocate for their adoption. Motion passed.

Proposed changes to Council’s election rules – Wiebold. Wiebold sent email with proposals prior to meeting. He summarized that when FC Rules of Order were changed some years ago to allow elections by electronic ballot it seemed simple yet had many ripples. Makes sense to have paper ballot to avoid delays. Electronic ballots have been kept open for 1 week when Council used them for elections. Opened for discussion.

Motion made for adoption. Motion passed. FC will use these rules for the next election. Chair thanked Wiebold for his work on this issue.

Discussion Items

Guests: (1) Garnett Stokes, Provost; (2) discussion of MU Chancellor Search with Tim McIntosh, UM System HR, and Search Committee C0-chair Dean Elizabeth Loboa.

Stokes noted that the UM System Review Commission Report has many good ideas and will be discussed widely.  Funding to support the Commission was withheld; however, there are still good ideas.  Urges folks to read it.  Curators and others will be reading and discussing report.

Update on searches: CAFNR Dean position getting some great interest, search firm working to get candidates.  Competing with other agriculture dean searches across country.  Law dean search has semifinalists, expect finalists soon.  Truman School search underway. Dean search postponed for Human Environmental Sciences. Chairs asked Provost to consider Dr. Sanford Rikoon, who is currently interim dean.  Interview scheduled for early February.  Soliciting nominations for the search committee for Arts & Science dean search.

Regarding the budget, Provost is seeking input.  Looking for recommendations from Faculty Council, Staff Council.  We have to figure out what our process is going to be.  No set timeline.  Is it temporary or permanent budget cut? Already had budget cuts from enrollment.  Enrollment looks about the same.  Not sure where it’ll land.

This week received a long list of things put in place for enrollment management which are considered best practices.  Very, very impressed with Pelema Morrice, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management.  The trend is that role of provost and vice provost is becoming more critical for enrollment management.  Also asking what should the faculty role look like.

Many units working on workload policies.  Timeline for getting those completed and sent to the Provost’s office is May.  Legislature is already asking for details on what MU is putting in place.  Stokes has had good conversations with departments on this.

Anna Ball is overseeing the MyVita project, and Stokes has been in conversations with her about this.  Important to figure out ways to make this easy for faculty.  Getting with Deans to talk about support needed to make this a successful implementation.  Conversation is about teams to support faculty and working together with Provost’s office to make this right.

Acknowledged letter sent by the Library Committee regarding search for a new Library Director.  Working on this with Ann Riley, Acting Director of Libraries.

Questions raised about cost to hire search firms.  Stokes noted that it is a one-time cost and there are different models.  Estimates that it adds 100K to a search.  However, search firms are helpful in reducing workload of faculty and staff, and helpful in finding a good pool of candidates.  It is not cheap, and value is debatable.

Comments were raised that faculty voice was missing from the UM System Review Commission and that an open forum would be best to discuss the $20M cut as morale and trust is low among faculty.

Stokes replies that the Review Commission was a small committee.  It included folks who previously worked in the university but not sure how many active faculty.  Some members reached out for input.  She does know that there are important roles for faculty to play in each one of the points raised in the report.  Stokes will take the idea of open forum back to Interim Chancellor Foley. Agreed that if we develop different scenarios and discuss them, it will be a better process.

Trachtenberg thanked Provost Stokes and then introduced Tim McIntosh and Dean Elizabeth Loboa. Both thanked Faculty Council for having them.  They are working to get out to all constituents, hear what you are looking for in a chancellor, and take notes.  They are listening to collective voices across disciplines and staffing levels. They have been attending meetings of stakeholders, such as Staff Advisory Council.  Another opportunity to give input at an open forum on Thursday. They opened the floor for comments and discussion of desired qualities and experience in the new chancellor.

Qualities and experience desired were ability to listen, experience with medical system, with land-grant, experience raising money, understanding of outreach, and racial awareness among others.  Questions focused on composition of search committee and if System had looked into why previous searches failed.  Loboa stated that they had.  She also repeated their notes on what FC shared.  Their notes captured well what was said.

2019-2020 Draft Academic Calendar – Jago.   Jago proposed conventional calendar on behalf of Academic Affairs.  Last year offered non-conventional calendar, which didn’t go over well.  Motion to suspend rules to vote today.  Moved and approved.  Motion to approve draft calendar.  Approved.

Academic Affairs resolution on teaching evaluations – Jago.  Jago reviewed issue and problems of student evaluations.  The committee did not find a better instrument.  Suggested to Provost’s office to do further research into psychometric properties of instrument, i.e., student survey.  Noted that student surveys & satisfaction do not measure learning nor teaching effectiveness. 

Committee proposes that following sentence be added to the table required in faculty P&T dossiers:  The student questionnaire producing these evaluation averages has not been shown to possess construct validity nor has it been shown to predict teaching effectiveness or learning outcomes.

Will vote on this at next meeting, Feb 2.

Faculty Conduct – Bill Wiebold.  Wiebold shared the Standard of Faculty Conduct proposed by IFC.  MU’s current process is called “Procedures Governing the Disposition of Charges of Faculty Irresponsibility,” which is in section L of CRR 300.010, the Faculty Bylaws of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

If we agree to adopt the proposed standard, we would be agreeing to replace the existing CRR.  Also, if enacted, the CRR would apply on all four campuses.  Therefore, we would need to revise campus bylaws.  This would not replace research misconduct or Title IX.  There would not be “double jeopardy” (hearings under multiple proceedures).  Among other things, it’s an anti-bully measure to prevent faculty from behaving badly toward other faculty, staff, and students.  Wiebold will look up who makes the decision of what standard or regulation a charge or behavior falls under.

This will be an action item at the next FC meeting.

Standing Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs (Bloom). No additional reports.  See IFC Post-Tenure Review Task Force report above.

Fiscal Affairs (Gahl)Meeting with Vice Chancellor for Finance, Rhonda Gibler.  Will know more to report at next meeting.


Faculty Council went into closed session at 4:54 p.m. to discuss Faculty Council awards and selection of members for Faculty Council committees.

Council adjourned at 5:03 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Graves, Recorder