Meeting Minutes: August 4, 2016


Members present: Sheila Baker, Anna Ball, David Bergin, Todd Ruppar (for Tina Bloom), John Gahl, Trent Guess, Richard Guyette, Jung Ha-Brookshire, Art Jago, Richard Callahan (for Dennis Kelley), Bob Broz (for Teng Lim), Tony Lupo, Leslie Lyons, Francisco Gomez, Camila Manrique, John Middleton, Brad Desnoyer (for Nicole Monnier), Jeffrey Rouder, Wayne Brekus (for Rebecca Scott), Anne Stanton, Maggie Walter (for Marty Steffens), Alasdair Roberts (for Mary Stegmaier), Ben Trachtenberg, William Wiebold, Steve Neal (for Robert Winholtz), Rebecca Graves (Librarians), and Don Sievert (MURA),. Members absent: Berkley Hudson, Naresh Khatri, Mahesh Thakkar, Flore Zephir, Galen Suppes (AAUP), and Rebekah Hart (Council Secretary).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Trachtenberg called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. The minutes of the 6-9-2016 Faculty Council meeting were approved as presented.

Report of Officers

Trachtenberg presented plaques for outgoing council members. At the next meeting, he will be creating two ad hoc committees. Requested suggestions for members. Members are not limited to council members. Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Governance will collect best practices and current practices. Looking to announce names in three weeks and give charge.

Second committee will continue work of the ad hoc Title IX Committee. Cooper Drury is off of FC and Title IX committee. The model is the ad hoc joint committee on free speech. Will include staff and administration, not just faculty. Ellen Eardley has agreed to serve on this committee. The committee can get a lot of good concrete suggestions done as well as build on the report Cooper Drury drafted.

In regard to the resolution adopted by FC on 02-11-16 regarding the structure of the UM System, Trachtenberg has met with the Chancellor, President, some Curators, and other groups on campus. There is a strong belief that the Board of Curators is not going to follow Council’s suggestion to appoint an independent consultant. FC could consider appointing an independent consultant. Trachtenberg sees the Curators' response as “no.”

The outside world is paying attention to the Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR), particular related to faculty misconduct or “irresponsibility.” It has often been unclear how one would bring a charge if they wanted to. According to the Provost, her website to make this clear. Another issue is that some people who considered putting filing a charge in the case of Prof. Melissa Click were put off by the thought that they would be embroiled in the case. Under a possible revised rule, one who files a charge would only be involved if a direct victim or harmed in some way. Person filing report would merely be a witness, analogous to Title IX. Looking at other institutions and working with the Provosts' Office and Faculty Affairs committee on this. The Curators expect us to come up with a process. They will need to approve any proposals.

Reminder that September 1st is a working meeting (but without formal business or votes), mid- afternoon through dinner. All members continuing and on-coming should attend. Will be held at Reynolds Alumni Center. 

Action Items

Proposed New Shared Governance Award. Nicole Monnier is the creator of the award. The proposal was put forth at the 6-9-2016 FC meeting. Monnier not in favor of increasing the number of awards given to allow more people to be recognized in the first few years. Additional discussion ensued regarding need for explicit criteria. Vote called. Proposal passed with knowledge that criteria will be crafted, led by the newly-elected Council vice chair.

Faculty Authority Resolution – Suppes.
“If a committee has not been specifically delegated authority to act on behalf of the Faculty, the Faculty Council will have authority to act on behalf of the Faculty as allowed by the CRR. All "declarations" and "recommendations” (i.e. actions) by the Faculty Council shall be posted on a web site at least ten business days prior to finalizing the authority during which time the Faculty will have the opportunity to Challenge per CRR 300.010.C.3.d(6). An email sent to the faculty after posting on the web site will initiate the ten-day period.”

Galen Suppes not present. Chair had no knowledge that he would be absent until this afternoon. Art Jago issued a rebuttal to Suppes' resolution. Agreed that Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR) is a flawed document; however, it is foolhardy to interpret the document in an impractical way. Jago argued in favor of cleaning up CRR for greater precision rather than add on a resolution. Argues that resolution will tie university decision making into knots.

Trachtenberg provided an overview of Suppes' resolution. The concern raised is that there is no specific body that communicates with administration and that we are not following the rules as Suppes (and others in support of the resolution) perceive them.

Discussion ensued over resolution, both the history leading up to it, effect it would have on FC and on university decision making. Noted by Jeff Rouder that the Chancellor questioned how representative FC is. Should FC speak out? Should it not?

Vote called. Resolution defeated, not passed. 

Discussion Items

Guest: Garnett Stokes, Provost. Stokes reported that she is launching five dean searches (Truman School of Public Affairs, Human & Environmental Sciences, Arts & Sciences, CAFNER, Law.) They will be using search firms in order ensure deep pools and solid candidates. Should be announcements about search co-chairs before classes start. Also, she intends to confer with Library Committee and key people on leadership in the MU Libraries. Looking at a local search for the Vice Provost of International Programs. Spoke to the appointment of interims. Noted that Kevin McDonald, who was hired at the system level to oversee diversity, has been hired to assist on campus level. He is stepping in now that Chuck Henson has returned to the law school. Kick-off of branding coming up in early September.

Questions were raised regarding financial model, priorities around AAU, support of faculty and P&T process. Stokes stated that they are looking at new budget models. We can't stick with the historical budget. Not sure it serves us well to talk about AAU metrics, though it does benefit us to work to improve. Stokes is looking to set aside money for diversity and inclusion efforts. She is committed to graduate students and their stipend levels. Strong commitment to undergraduate experience. Regarding helping faculty and P&T, looking to work on faculty development, having the right leaders, and finding different ways to reward people. Working on greater transparency. 

Standing Committee Reports

No reports.


Faculty Council went into closed session at 4:36 p.m. to consider honorary degree candidates, potential nominees for campus & faculty standing committees, and faculty council elections.

During the closed session, Camila Manrique (Medicine) was elected Vice Chair of Council for 2016-2017.

Council adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Graves, Recorder