Meeting Minutes: October 14, 2015gfm

Call-to-Order and Attendance

The Fall Semester General Faculty Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Chancellor Bowen Loftin in Jesse Wrench Auditorium, Memorial Union. The meeting was then turned over to Faculty Council Chair Ben Trachtenberg.

Report from Faculty Council – Ben Trachtenberg

With the aid of a PowerPoint slide deck, Trachtenberg provided a brief history on faculty governance and academic freedom and how these two ideals work together and why we must have both. 

Trachtenberg raised the question “how are we doing” and focused on the following issues.

He closed with a review of recent Faculty Council activities:

Presentation from Chancellor Loftin

Chancellor Loftin presented on the budget and financing of MU.  He shared slides on funding compared to peer institutions, progressive erosion of state financial support, appropriation funding, among others.  State support is now below 40% and tuition is more than 50%.

MIZZOU 2020 was revised this spring by a shared governance committee.  Currently it is at the point of being submitted to the UM System and will be published soon.  650 million dollars have been raised so far in the capital campaign.  The Chancellor sees promise in private support and a growing source of revenues from entrepreneurial work.

The meeting was then opened for questions from the faculty.  There were several comments on graduate student insurance and 0.25 FTE tuition waivers.  Loftin said that graduate students would have university-provided health insurance during the coming academic year, one way or another.  Loftin added that the report on graduate health insurance should be out soon and that Dr. Rubin and Dr. Foley are working with departments to lessen the impact of the elimination of the tuition waivers.   A question was also raised as to why the Dean of the School of Medicine stepped down.  Loftin repeated that he was limited in what he could say due to privacy issues.

The Chancellor was commended on his inclusion of faculty in budgeting by the creation of BAAC.  He was also commended on his stand against racism on campus.

Several questions were raised on MU’s backing away from Planned Parenthood due to pressure from Missouri Senator Kurt Schaefer.  Loftin stated that the university has not backed away from all agreements.  We have retained one with the School of Social Work and are writing two new ones with the School of Nursing.  There is no intent to disconnect from Planned Parenthood in every way. 



The meeting was adjourned at 5:09 p.m.

Respectfully recorded,

Rebecca Graves, Recorder for the Faculty