Meeting Minutes: October 8, 2015


Members present: Andre Ariew, Sheila Baker, Anna Ball, David Bergin, Tina Bloom, A. Cooper Drury, Tim Evans, John Gahl, Trent Guess, Richard Guyette, Newton DeSouza (for Jung Ha-Brookshire), Berkley Hudson, Art Jago, Naresh Khatri, Teng Lim, Tony Lupo, Camila Manrique, Dennis Miller, Nicole Monnier, Angela Speck, Anne Stanton, Mary Stegmaier, Maheash Thakkar, Ben Trachtenberg, Vitor Trindade, William Wiebold, Robert Winholtz, Flore Zephir, Rebecca Graves (Librarians), Don Sievert (MURA), and Rebekah Hart (Council Secretary). Members absent: Peter Nabelek, Marty Steffens, and Galen Suppes (AAUP).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Trachtenberg brought the meeting to order at 3:31 p.m. The minutes of the 8-27-15 and the 9-17-2015 meetings were approved as presented.

Report of Officers

Chair Trachtenberg announced to Council that Cooper Drury will be chairing the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Title IX.  The committee members are:  Mary Beck (Law), Tina Bloom (Nursing), and Matthew Martens (Education).  The charge has been sent to Council by email.  The Graduate Student Health Insurance task force has not yet made a report.  Names for the search committee for the new position of Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs have been submitted to Chancellor Loftin.

IFC (Intercampus Faculty Council):  Nicole Monnier reported that there will be a subcommittee on Title IX, with Cooper Drury as the MU representative.  There is also a post-tenure review subcommittee with Ben Trachtenberg as our representative.  Next IFC meeting is Oct 28.

Discussion Items

Resolution concerning Professor Ed Hunvald.  Resolution to honor the outstanding service of Professor Hunvald was approved.

Guest: Hank Foley, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs & Sr. Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, on graduate education.  Foley condemned recent acts of racism on campus and stated importance of academic freedom.  Acknowledged that graduate students are crucial to the university’s mission.  Acknowledged that there is an issue with insurance and low stipends, that .25 FTE at $5,500/year is not adequate.  Stated that they are two weeks away from having a draft recommendation on graduate student insurance.  

Foley also noted that the National Research Council evaluated 62 graduate programs around the country several years back.   A link to this report will be sent out and members of Council are invited to read it.

Four students have been added to the Graduate Student Experience task force.   The task force agendas are online.

Guest: Dr. Stevan Whitt, Sr. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for UMHS, on physician privileges at the University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics.  University & Hospitals (UMHC) are forbidden by state law to provide abortions unless saving the mother’s life.  In 2011, UMHC broadened the privileging process in order to bring in providers at Women & Children’s and other clinics.  Current “refer & follow” process sunsets December 1st.   In response to inquiries from the State legislature, UMHC has reviewed the privileging process at the Chancellor’s request.  That review revealed problems with the existing rules, which required modifications.  Under the new process, physicians seeking standard clinical privileges and the chair of department will have to document how they will contribute to the mission of UMHS. 

TOEFL requirements for international undergraduate students.  Art Jago presented the Academic Affairs Committee recommendation that the required total TOEFL score be increased from 61 to 79 for undergraduate students with a minimum per unit score of 18 (0-120 is possible total score).  The committee recommends the provision of a bridge program to allow acceptance of students with a 61-78 score with the requirement that they take remedial classes to become proficient in English.  During which time they are allowed to take certain classes.  (Class list to be developed if/when motion passes.)  The bridge program will be evaluated at the end of three years and again at end of six years.  The recommendation is currently with Barbara Rupp, Interim Vice Provost for Enrollment Management. 

The floor was opened for discussion.  Recommendation will be brought again to FC for vote in two weeks.

Recent events at the School of Medicine and the University of Missouri Health System.  Floor was opened for discussion.  Request to hear from Faculty Affairs Committee of SOM.  This issue is on the agenda for general faculty meeting, October 14th. 

Use of space at Ellis Library.  Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy will be using space temporarily at Ellis Library.   Concern expressed about the lack of communication, issue of shared governance, use of library resources, and disruption to students. “Temporary” use could be up to or beyond 6 years.  It has been promised that the student fee money used to create the Nook study space in Ellis Library, where the Institute will be located, will be returned to the fund to be used as the students see fit.  Also promised that alternate student study space will be provided before renovations on the Nook begin.  Rabia Gregory, chair of the Library Committee, reported.

Standing Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs (Tony Lupo).  Committee is discussing workload and post-tenure review and gathering statistics on these.

Fiscal Affairs (John Gahl).  Committee met with Vice Chancellor Gibler.  Will be meeting with VC again.  Asked VC to request that financial officers of departments present their budgets to their department faculty.


Committee Race Relations (Berkley Hudson).  Meetings with the Chancellor and the Provost have been scheduled.


Faculty Council was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.    

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Graves, Recorder