Meeting Minutes: January 21, 2016


Members present: Andre Ariew, Anna Ball, David Bergin, Cooper Drury, John Gahl, Richard Guyette, Jung Ha-Brookshire, Berkley Hudson, Art Jago, Naresh Khatri, Tony Lupo, Christian Lorson (for John Middleton), Nicole Monnier, Peter Nabelek, Jeffrey Rouder, Angela Speck, Anne Stanton, Marty Steffens, Mary Stegmaier, Vitor Trindade, William Wiebold, Robert Winholtz, Flore Zephir, Rebecca Graves (Librarians), Don Sievert (MURA), Galen Suppes (AAUP), and Rebekah Hart (Council Secretary). Members absent: Sheila Baker, Tina Bloom, Trent Guess, Teng Lim, Camila Manrique, Mahesh Thakkar, and Ben Trachtenberg.

Approval of Minutes

Vice Chair Monnier called the meeting to order at 3:31 p.m. The minutes of the 11-19-15 Faculty Council meeting were approved as presented.

Report of Officers

Monnier read the Chair’s report, as Chair Trachtenberg was out of town.  Executive committee has analyzed the MU faculty census. Monnier is to be appointed to chair the Nominations Committee that runs the elections for executive committee.  Council members asked to consider serving on the executive committee.  Hank Foley, and our Chair, have created an ad hoc committee on protests, public spaces, free speech, and the press.  Professor Bob Jerry of the School of Law is committee chair and a full roster is on the chancellor’s website along with the committee charge.  Monnier, Evans, Lupo and Trachtenberg continue to improve Council’s Rules of Order.

Council will be hosting the Curators’ Breakfast on February 5th.   Council will not meet that week; the next meeting is February 11th.   Hank Foley, Interim Chancellor, will be a guest at the February 25th meeting.

The January 22, 2016 meeting of the Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) discussed a proposal to assign two curators per campus.  Curators would visit “their” campus and speak with students and staff.  The purpose is to prevent the System President from becoming a bottleneck that prevents communication with the curators.


Action Items

Approval of Bill Wiebold as Parliamentarian.  After a brief discussion, Council approved Wiebold as Parliamentarian.

Discussion Items

Guests:  Rabia Gregory, Chair, Library Committee & Ann Riley, Interim Director, Ellis Library.   

Riley presented handout on libraries and encouraged faculty to communicate their needs and questions to librarians. Input is key in light of probable budget cuts.  Gregory spoke to necessary actions after the student library fee was voted down November 2015.  If your department doesn’t have a regular library liaison, set that up.  Consider the cost of the journals you publish in and don’t by default sign away your copyright. 

Discussion centered around open access, student fee, and getting information on subscription rates.

Apportionment of T/TT representatives.  Based on the results of the most recent census of the faculty, applying the current “basic ratio of one to 50” would give the schools and colleges a combined 24 T/TT representatives.  Accordingly, it is Council’s duty to adopt a new divisor that will yield a number of T/TT representatives between 25 and 30, inclusive.

If Council adopts 44 as the new divisor, then next year the schools and colleges would have 29 T/TT representatives. No school or college would lose a seat compared to the 2015-2016 apportionment. Education, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine would each gain one seat from their current level.

The following resolution is proposed:  Faculty Council hereby resolves, pursuant to its authority under CRR 300.010(H), that for the upcoming year (2016-2017), each college or school shall be entitled to representation at a basic ratio of one representative for each forty-four (44) T/TT faculty members or majority fraction thereof (23-43), and in particular as follows: one (1) representative for 1-66; two (2) representatives for 67-110; and so on for each additional forty-four (44) T/TT faculty or major fraction thereof.

Discussion ensued.  Faculty Council moved and accepted to suspend rules regarding voting as positions need to be filled. Carried.  Moved and approved to accept the resolution.

UM & MU resolution – Jago & Gahl.  Jago presented a resolution to examine the relationship between the University of Missouri-Columbia and the University of Missouri-System. The motion follows below:

“Be It Resolved: That the University of Missouri Board of Curators commission an independent examination of: (1) the organizational structure of the UM System, (2) the relationship between MU and the UM-System, and (3) a possible consolidation of the offices of the UM President and MU Chancellor. The examination is to produce conclusions and recommendations for discussion among all stakeholders and for the Board to consider and act upon.”

Faculty Council will be voting on this at the next meeting, Feb 11th.   Representatives are encouraged to share the resolution with their constituents and send comments to Jago & Gahl. 

The executive committee supports an evaluation and audit of the benefits and costs of the system.  Concerns were raised about this feeding the Legislature’s attacks on MU.  It was noted that the Legislature is also considering the UM System. Regarding concerns about communication with the folks at the system level, Interim President Middleton has heard of this and Brian Burnett, Vice President for Finance, is willing to speak to Faculty Council.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs  (Jago).  Met with J.D. Bowers, Director of Honors College.  Bowers assured that there’s balance of instructors to offer needed classes. Presented to Faculty Council and changed TOEFL requirements.  Improved communication between faculty & departments regarding student conduct on plagiarism and cheating.   Discussed apparent demise of teaching/learning center.  Working on several issues brought forth by Jim Spain.  One is the extended transcript.  Transcripts are a holdover from pencil & paper and for recording grades.  Electronic transcripts could be much more.  Also looking into the absence policy, accommodations for students with dyscalculia, and accommodations for students with traumatic brain injury.  Committee was asked to consider three proposed syllabus statements:  Turnitin, Course content/intellectual rights, Title IX. These are in addition to the four syllabus statements currently existing. 

Diversity Enhancement  (Speck).  Major achievement is developing campus diversity requirement.  Representatives from every department are looking at this. Courses are on the books that address this.  What would be in the rubric that would define a course? Looking at mid-February to have this nailed down. 

Faculty Affairs  (Lupo).  The study on post tenure review is the major accomplishment of the fall.  The report of this was submitted to the executive committee.  Expect to be discussing the report this spring. 

Fiscal Affairs (Gahl).  The committee has received great help from Rhonda Gibler, Vice Chancellor for Finance.  CFOs of colleges have been instructed to contact faculty and present on the budgets.  All the CFOs now report to Vice Chancellor of Finance as well as to their dean.  Currently investigating the fiscal impact of System and MU Campus. Will be speaking with Vice Chancellor Gibler again.  Proposed that different schools/degrees have different cost. 

Student Affairs (Evans).  Developed mechanism for travel abroad in countries with regions under travel warnings. Gave feedback on the graduate student health insurance task force.  Chris Lorson is replacement for Tim Evans.  Anna Ball is the new chair.

Title IX Report  (Drury)

Committee has been meeting and also met with Ellen Eardley, Title IX Administrator.  Are compiling Title IX Administrator’s and committee’s needs (e.g., software for case management). There has been a dramatic uptick of reports, possibly due to mandatory reporting, or the understanding that this is being taken seriously.  Overall seen as having a positive impact. 

COACHE Survey - Pat Okker.  A COACHE Survey committee is being pulled together. Goal is to improve response rate. Will be reaching out with details on launch. Will make recommendations to provost when results come in. Looking at fall 2016. 

Any Other Business

Wiebold reported that the CAFNR Faculty Council representatives have written letters to their faculty and also held a town hall meeting to share Faculty Council information.  This was well received and will be continued


Council went into closed session to discuss committee nominations at 5:01 p.m.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Graves, Recorder