Meeting Minutes: October 9, 2014


Members present: Andre Ariew, David Bergin, A. Cooper Drury, Tim Evans, Charles Franz, John Gahl, Richard Guyette, Jung Ha-Brookshire, Karen Hebert, Berkley Hudson, Naresh Khatri, John Lory, Judith Mabary, Dennis Miller, Nicole Monnier, Craig Roberts, Angela Speck, Mahesh Thakkar, Ben Trachtenberg, Harry Tyrer, Douglas Wakefield, William Wiebold, Marie Concannon for Rachel Brekhus (Librarians), Don Sievert (MURA), and Rebekah Hart (Council Secretary). Members absent: Jim Baumann, Rebecca Johnson, Tony Lupo, Camila Manrique, Stephen Montgomery-Smith, Peter Nabelek, Karen Piper, Vitor Trindade, and Mark Prelas (AAUP).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Craig Roberts called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in S203 Memorial Union. Minutes for 4-3-14, 7-24-14, 9-4-14, and 9-16-14 were approved. Roberts emphasized the importance of attending, and encouraging others from our units to attend, the Fall General Faculty Meeting scheduled for October 28, 2014 when fiscal matters (2% rescission, mid-year and performance raises) and the MU Strategic Operating Plan will be main points of discussion.

Discussion Items

Guests: (1)  Gary Allen, Vice President of Information Systems. Allen indicated that he had been approached by the Chancellor to look into ways to centralize IT operations and make the unit function more efficiently. Allen stated that he did not have a plan for changes but was only collecting information from a number of constituencies at this point. Staffing was addressed, including the need to restructure the present apparatus to eliminate duplication of effort and centralize operations, as well as determine what software, etc. is being used presently and how IT is functioning in individual units.  Centralization and greater standardization of efforts is the long-term goal. Concern was expressed from Faculty Council members that such rearranging of staff could have a deleterious effect for units where IT is working well. Allen did not advocate continuing such microcosmic approaches and explained again the benefits of centralization and taking a broader long-range view. Wakefield noted that a list of the priorities administration has in mind by asking for these changes would give us an idea of where to start with discussions. Such a document should be drawn up and communicated to Faculty Council.


MUSOP – Roberts.  Roberts and Ariew reminded Council of the concerns regarding the MUSOP (MU Strategic Operating Plan) committee and its lack of clear charges. The committee was formed under the prior Chancellor; Loftin now must either adopt the present committee  and make it his own or disband the group and set up a new one that will be better aligned with his goals in terms of the SOP while still insuring faculty input.  Ariew reported that the present MUSOP committee had met with the Chancellor, at which time they were given specific charges, notably: 1) to react to modifications to MUSOP as they are made by administration, 2) to complete two evaluations of the strategic operating plan each year, and less urgently, 3) to determine the place of Mizzou Advantage in the overall plan. Loftin will consider the composition of the committee and communicate his decisions to the present members. Roberts noted that Wolfe relies heavily on the content of the strategic plan in his meetings with the Board of Curators and other groups significant to the MU system. Concern was expressed regarding the lack of guidance for individual units and how to facilitate aligning unit decision making with the strategic plan. Roberts noted that we must understand the plan and know how to effect change, given Wolfe’s heavy reliance on this document. This plan determines campus funding. Roberts asked for a show of hands on how many had heard in their units that there were problems with the 2% rescission. A sizable portion of the group responded. Roberts emphasized that this higher-than-expected level of dissatisfaction is not being communicated to administration and that it is critical that faculty in those units attend the general faculty meeting on October 28th.


Executive Order 41: Title IX Process – Miller.  A report from the IFC regarding discussion of a policy on the Evaluation of the Ability to Work for faculty members as well as Title IX issues and the recent resultant changes to the CRR were distributed to Faculty Council members by e-mail prior to the meeting. Miller urged those present to review the Evaluation document, then turned to a more lengthy discussion of Executive Order 41 concerning Title IX adherence at system level. Regret was expressed to President Wolfe that proposed revisions to CRR 600.020, 200.010, 200.020 and 200.025, subsequently approved by the Board of Curators, were made without faculty participation in the review process. Wolfe noted that he was charged by the Board to act quickly but that faculty were still invited to provide feedback and suggest further revisions. In a meeting with President Wolfe, Dr. Noble-Triplett (UM Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs) and Ms. Marsha Fischer (UM General Counsel’s Office), it was noted that CRR items related to faculty and sex discrimination have not been evaluated at this time. IFC is forming a subcommittee to scope the work needed, to meet with consultants for the purpose of becoming familiar with Title IX law and compliance, and to develop a checklist of questions that need to be addressed by IFC or other groups. Wolfe emphasized that the objective of Executive Order 41 is to help insure the safety of students and employees, a top priority for him. Miller expressed concern that information from administration regarding present complaint resolution and the consultant’s evaluation of present practice’s alignment with federal law has not been forthcoming. Monnier expressed concern that mandatory reporting has been in place since spring, but faculty still have not received training. Miller noted that training has been promised by the end of the calendar year, but that date will probably be pushed to early 2015.


Provost Search – Tyrer. The committee met Tuesday and Wednesday. Tyrer stated that we could expect a substantial announcement by the end of the month.

Standing Committee Reports

IFC – Miller.  See above Executive Order 41.


Faculty Affairs – Tyrer.  The committee has meet to discuss forming a group to investigate questions regarding faculty raises. Information will be coming to Roberts soon.


Diversity Enhancement -  Speck.  The committee met to discuss the roll-out of information collected on the student cultural competency survey completed by freshman and now by seniors, as well as how to move forward with additional surveys. The committee also looked at the level and distribution of dissatisfaction revealed by the COACHE survey and what can be done to address these disparities. A final topic to be investigated is a means to distribute information across campus regarding how students can get help when they need it. (Note: Indiana University has fliers with key information important to maintaining student safety posted in women’s restrooms.)


Student Affairs – Evans.  The committee will meet soon to discuss how to get more Friday classes in place.


Academic Affairs  -  Monnier.  A draft version of the survey on how faculty use the last two weeks of the semester has been completed. The committee will be providing feedback on the results. Monnier is also setting up a meeting with the student MSA to talk about calendar issues with regard to religious holidays.


Council went into closed session at 5:00 p.m. The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Judith Mabary, Recorder