Meeting Minutes: November 17, 2011


Members Present: Andre Ariew, Clyde Bentley, Gordon Christensen, Francisco Gomez, Ann Harrell, Cheryl Heesch, Art Jago, Kattesh Katti, Jonathan Krieckhaus, Sudarshan Loyalka, Tom Marrero, Dennis Miller, Joe Parcell, Craig Roberts, Leona Rubin, Stephen Montgomery-Smith (for Johannes Schul), Vitor Trindade, Harry Tyrer, Douglas Wakefield, Shelley Worden (Librarians), Don Sievert (MURA), Richard Guyette, Nicole Monnier (NTT), and Rebekah Hart (sec.). Members Absent: Edward Adelstein, Steve Ball, John Dwyer, Jeni Hart (for Lisa Flores), Candace Galen, Rebecca Johnson, Norman Land, Ilhyung Lee, Stephen Sayers, James Tarr, Charles Nilon (Black Faculty and Staff), Katherine Reed (NTT), and Sam White (NTT).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Harry Tyrer called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in S203 Memorial Union. The November 3, 2011 Council minutes were returned with suggested changes.

Report of Officers

Tyrer announced that the Faculty Council Holiday Party is scheduled for Thursday, December 15 4-6 p.m. in the Tiger Bistro.  He further announced that Executive Committee will meet twice in December, the 1st, and 13th, with guest on the 13th Chancellor Deaton.

Tyrer reported on a recent Government Relations Meeting and two tax measures.  There will be a ballot measure to raise tobacco tax to 80 cents, and there will be a Fair Tax ballot measure that would eliminate income tax and rely solely on sales tax revenues.

Rubin reported on the past meeting of the Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC).  The Kansas City campus just passed a general education program that was modeled on the program at MU.  The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is working with the university to develop a downtown “arts center” that would feature and house the fine arts departments of UMKC and blend with the downtown arts programs.  This would be privately funded and cost between $50-$80 million.  The Presidential search process is in the final stages, all interviewing is now complete.  They are pleased with the presidential candidates.  A question from Council was asked if there had been any faculty input in the selection process and Rubin answered that it wasn’t clear if they had used any faculty in the screening and interviewing part of the selection process.  Rubin stated that all exit fees from leaving the Big 12 will be paid by Intercollegiate Athletics.  There will be a change in the way 403b retirement funds will be managed by the university.  Betsy Rodriguez updated IFC on the use of a single record keeper to manage all these funds.  Finally, there is a issue with the librarians 1-4 on the Kansas City campus.  This group of employees have traditionally been treated as faculty however there has been a recent perceived change to their status due to rules governing leaves.  The UMKC librarians will present proposals to IFC and they will also be brought back to Council for discussion.

Discussion Items

Faculty Handbook: Revision & Addition, part 1 - Monnier.  There were two proposed revisions.  (1) Changing title of Director of Admissions and Registrar, to University Registrar-MU and Director of Undergraduate Admissions through out the text.  (2) Update information regarding Reading Day and final exam schedule in the fall and spring semesters.  Council voted to suspend the rules and then voted to accept these changes.  The motions passed unanimously.

Standing Committee Reports

Faculty Affairs Committee: Bentley, chair, reported they are still looking at promotion and tenure issues and shared governance with non tenure track (NTT) faculty.

Fiscal Affairs Committee: Katti, chair, reported they continue work on the faculty standing committee on Intellectual Property.  A question was asked that if this committee is only looking at patents shouldn’t the title be changed to reflect that.

Student Affairs Committee: Roberts, chair, reported they are looking at ways to honor MU students who have died in wars.  They are also looking at the new framework of the Student Conduct Committee.

Any Other Business

Rubin reported on the System Retirement and Staff Benefits Committee.  She told Council her concern about how to get information to the general faculty and academic departments.  Rubin plans to send out bullet points to the faculty and Faculty Council for distribution.


The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Shelley Worden,  Recorder