Meeting Minutes: October 6, 2010 General Faculty Meeting

Call-to-Order and Attendance

The Fall Semester General Faculty Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Chancellor Deaton in Jesse Wrench Auditorium of the Memorial Unions. Approximately 100 people were in attendance.

Opening Remarks and Introductions - Chancellor Deaton

Deaton welcomed the attendees of this meeting. He stated that there are "issues of concern" for today's meeting and that the fall semester is a busy time for the campus. He reviewed the meeting's agenda because it was late going out.

Report from Faculty Council - Leona Rubin

Rubin began by introducing all the members of the Executive Committee. She then reviewed the current activities of Council's five standing committees: academic affairs, faculty affairs, fiscal affairs, diversity enhancement, and student affairs. Rubin gave an update on the general education review process. The group's final report will be forwarded to Council's Academic Affairs Committee for their review and recommendations to Faculty Council. The completion process on the report will include public forums, a vote on the proposed changes, and the final draft in January 2011. Rubin briefly reported on the university's retirement plan and some of the proposed changes. She announced that Faculty Council is planning to meet again with Human Resources in November about the proposed changes to the plan. Rubin reported on the MU Strategic Plan; their report is now posted on a web page and as changes are made the website will be updated in order to bring transparency to this process.

Report from Chancellor Deaton

Deaton, after thanking Rubin for her presentation, said that we will be seeking transparency in all our planning. He then spoke on: the recent faculty hires and the additional faculty they are planning to hire, the increases in student enrollment, scholarships and employment for student financial aid, outstanding faculty on our campus and the awards they have achieved, building renovation and the new student center, doctoral program assessments from the National Research Council, and the CBHE Program Productivity Review. The CBHE report identifies programs at MU as underproducing if they don't maintain a three year average of 10 BA/BS, 5 MA/MS, and 3 doctoral graduates. Deaton reported that the state of Missouri is currently projecting a budget shortfall for fiscal year 2012.

Report from Tim Rooney, Director of the Budget

Rooney reported that our current budget for fiscal year 2011 had 11 percent in federal stabilization funds and these funds will not be available in 2012. We are preparing for a 5-15 percent reduction in funding for FY 2012. There are signs of economic growth in Missouri that will tend to offset this somewhat and we are looking into an appeals process to adjust tuition for all programs. Rooney summed up his presentation by saying FY 2012 will be the most challenging since he has been in his position.

Report from Brian Foster, Provost on Mizzou Advantage

Foster said he feels it important to look to Mizzou Advantage while we are going forward. Mizzou Advantage has been implemented for about a year. In the past year this initiative has developed an operating board, support staff, conference office, a Kansas City consultant and office space, grant writing, and growing interaction with external customers. Foster feels they are moving along very effectively and this should raise MU's profile nationally.


There were no further questions. A motion was made for adjournment and the meeting adjourned. The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully Recorded,

Shelley Worden, Recorder for the Faculty