Meeting Minutes: April 19, 2011


The Spring Semester General Faculty Meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Chancellor Deaton in Jesse Wrench Auditorium of the Memorial Unions. Approximately 75 people were in attendance.

Opening Remarks & Introductions - Chancellor Deaton

Deaton welcomed the attendees of this meeting and requested a moment of silence for the passing of some members of the faculty, staff, and students here at MU. There was a recognition of the Kemper Award recipients and those present were asked to stand. He announced that MU has the only Truman State Scholar in the state of Missouri and the student is in the School of Social Work. He thanked Leona Rubin for her service the past two years as Faculty Council Chair. Deaton then summarized that this has been a wonderful year for the university.

Report from Faculty Council - Leona Rubin

Rubin refers to agenda and requests everyone to hold questions till the end. The Board of Curators still need to make a decision on the university's retirement benefit plan. The Retirement Benefit Report issued by a subcommittee of Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) is completed and is asking for more options than just defined contribution plans. This report is available on the system's web page as well as Faculty Council's Web Page. During a recent faculty vote, electronic voting for campus elections was approved. Electronic voting now goes to the Board of Curators (June meeting) for their approval. There will be additional faculty voting issues this spring and the three issues are: acceptance of the faculty grievance pilot, changes in the general education program, and changes to the wording in the Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR's) for the faculty tenure committee. The pilot faculty grievance process has been in place since 2008. The goal is to make this the same process on all four campuses. This pilot process is considered controversial because an administrator serves on the grievance resolution panel (GRP). The work of the General Education Task Force is finished and all task force members are thanked for their work and contributions. Some of the general education recommendations are: limitation of general education courses to no more than one prerequisite; diversity intensive course requirement; and the capstone requirement being met by either taking a capstone course or 4000 level course. Rubin then thanks everyone for their help and assistance during her time as Faculty Council Chair.

Report from Chancellor Deaton

Deaton began by talking about our new strategic plan that reassesses our base and the future of the university. This new plan significantly highlights Mizzou Advantage but also provides important new directions for many campus programs. The MU Strategic Planning and Resource Advisory Council (SPRAC) will be monitoring the strategic plan. A student initiative, One Mizzou, is now a coalition of programs and people on campus to discuss the issue of "diversity". This is the beginning of a long-term process which will also incorporate campus civility. The Confucius Institute was announced as a partnership with Shanghai University providing K-12 education.

Report from Tim Rooney, Director of the Budget

Rooney reported that our current budget for fiscal year 2012 will be a balancing act. The process involves timing and affecting changes to: tuition, rate increases, enrollment increases, constrained salaries; reduced funding for maintenance and repair of buildings, reduced spending across campus, and soft hiring freeze. The number one challenge is faculty salary dollars; it would take a 400 million dollar endowment to reach the AAU median salaries. Additional challenges are: benefit cost increases, facilities maintenance; and increases in fuel costs. In our budget projections we see trends in loss of state support, the ability to find revenue in tuition dollars, and the need to turn to development to play a larger role as state funding declines.

Report from Jackie Jones, Vice Chancellor Administrative Services

Jones reported that in the 2011 Campus Master Plan the main focus is on stewardship, the sustainability efforts on campus and identification of more sustainability efforts. One of the main examples of following through with the recommendations in the category of energy is the infrastructure upgrade to the campus power plant which is currently underway. Other examples around campus are total building renovations instead of partial renovation which cost more in the long term. Tate Hall and Switzler Hall are ongoing total renovations, Gwynn Hall will be next, and there are several more scheduled. We are trying to use our limited resources in the best way.

Report from Jim Spain, Vice Provost on eLearning

Spain begins by asking everyone to stand and stretch. Spain asked Jim Henderson to chair the task force on distance education and eLearning for the time period December 1, 2010 to July 1, 2011. This task force was established to investigate how to realign MU Direct, CIS and the marketing group. This committee was focused on an administrative restructuring. There now needs to be discussion about what directions eLearning take on campus, and concerns about academic program plans. The academic concerns will start to be addressed in Fall 2011 and involve broad campus discussions.

Other Business and Adjournment

Among the questions was one on MDHE and whether it was overlooked as an agenda item. Provost Foster responded to this query that we have not received a response from MDHE since they received our latest reports. Foster commented that this wasn't a bad process and we will keep monitoring programs. Another question concerned distance learning and course sharing across the state as proposed by the governor. Frank Schmidt replied that we need to emphasize what is important to us at MU and to be careful how we differentiate ourselves. Rubin agreed that through our strategic planning process we need to find ways that make MU stand out in the state


A motion was made for adjournment and the meeting adjourned at 4:44 p.m.

Respectfully Recorded,

Shelley Worden, Recorder for the Faculty