Meeting Minutes: April 22, 2010


Members Present: Clyde Bentley, Leah Cohn, Michael Diamond, John Dwyer, Ann Harrell, Rebecca Johnson, Kattesh Katti, John Lande, April Langley, Kenneth MacLeod, Xiaoguang Ni, Joseph Parcell, Leona Rubin, Johannes Schul, Harry Tyrer, J. Wilson Watt, Bill Wiebold, Shelley Worden (Librarians), Edward Hunvald (MURA), Jason Aubrey (NTT), Stephen Montgomery-Smith (AAUP), Rebekah K. Hart (sec.). Members Absent: Arthur Jago, Victoria Johnson, Jonathan Krieckhaus, Norman Land, Tom Marrero, Rebecca McCathren, Stephen Sayers, Michael Taksar, James Tarr, Douglas Wakefield, Adam Whaley-Connell, Ronald Wheeland, Fred Williams (NTT), Sam White (NTT), Charles Nilon (Black Faculty & Staff), Nicole Monnier (NTT).

Report of Officers

Chair Leona Rubin called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m., in S203 Memorial Union.  Rubin announced that both she and Bill Wiebold will serve on the Actions and Outcomes task force representing Faculty Council.  This task force is tied to the MU strategic plan and they will be active participants in developing action plans for the campus.  The MU Faculty Council has been invited to host the June 10 Luncheon for the Board of Curators here on the Columbia campus.  Rubin invited all members of Faculty Council to attend this function and help participate in planning the faculty presentations for this event.  The General Education Review task force chaired by John Adams is expected to complete its current charge and plans to make available their report in the fall semester.

On the faculty and campus committee request for faculty participation approximately 150 responses were received from tenured and nontenured faculty and librarians.  Rubin felt this was a low response coming from a group of slightly under 2,000.  The surveying tool for this effort was the web-based Survey Monkey.  The Council Chairs of the MU Faculty Council recently met.  They support the diversity course requirement if there is no increase in student hours and they feel the current academic integrity statement for the campus should not be changed. Columbia campus is host to a group of Chinese administrators and faculty from mainland China during April.  They are scheduled to meet with members of the MU Faculty Council executive committee on Monday, April 26 at The Conley House.

J. Wilson Watt reported on the recent meeting of the Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) of April 13.  This group discussed many aspects of the state and university budget and they will be asking the university legal office for clarifications on the draft academic integrity statement.

Rubin reported on the following items from the recent Board of Curators meeting on the Missouri Science and Technology Rolla campus.  (1) They are looking at the costs of centers and institutes on all four campuses.  (2) The result of a recent audit of Sponsored Programs is the recommendation to use electronic signatures for internal documents.  (3) One of the results of a recent audit of Engineering shows they currently receive 80 percent from their indirect costs.  One of the Curators wanted to use indirect costs to help pay UM's debts but it was explained how these monies were used.  (4) The retirement plan is fully funded until 2015.  After that UM's contribution may have to go up 12-15 percent.  They are re-examining the idea of implementing a defined contribution plan (401K style plan).  If this is implemented, it would only be for new faculty or existing faculty who chose to change.  (5) The effect of the current health care reform is expected to be positive for UM because the uninsured currently treated by UM hospitals/clinics would get insured.   The following points concern the results of the recent benefits survey and the Board discussion.  (1) 7,000 responded, of which 6,000 were staff and 63 percent were females.  (2) Staff are less interested in retirement options than faculty.  (3) They received polarized responses to domestic partner benefits question.  (4) MU scored low on being inspired by their work.  (5) They are planning to do campus presentations in June and changes (if any) will not take place until 2011.  (6) Concerning those that chose not to take the survey (the "silent voices"), 37 percent did complete the survey which is considered a good response.  (7) In final comments about the survey, it was stated that there would be no reduction in benefits,  not that there would be no changes in benefits.  The Board discussed the shared services concept which includes eProcurement and MoreNet.  Gary Allen is the new director and President Forsee would like to identify more opportunities to share eProcurement making MU a central purchasing hub for other state colleges and universities.

Discussion Items

Military Credit Letter. Please share this letter with your department and curriculum committees and you may forward any concerns to Rubin.

NTT Elections. The deadline for nominations is May 4, 2010.  They will take nominations from all ranked non tenure track faculty, assistant professor and above.  The elections are for three vacant positions on Faculty Council.

MU Strategic Plan.  This item will be discussed at the May 6, 2010 Faculty Council meeting.

Any Other Business

The results of the first Council 2010-2011 election are: Leona Rubin, Chair; Clyde Bentley, Vice Chair; and Bill Wiebold, IFC Representative.  The second Council election is scheduled for May 6, 2010 for all remaining offices.


The meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Shelley Worden,  Recorder