Meeting Minutes: January 22, 2009


Present: Edward Adelstein, Lloyd Barrow, Clyde Bentley, Leah Cohn, Michael Diamond, Jay Dow, Arthur Jago, Victoria Johnson, John Lande, April Langley, Alan Luger, Kenneth MacLeod, Tom Marrero, Rebecca McCathren, Jim McGlew, Steven Neal, Tom Phillips, Eileen Porter, Leona Rubin, Stephen Sayers, Frank Schmidt, Michael Taksar, David Trinklein, J. Wilson Watt, William Wiebold, Shelley Worden (Librarians), Edward Hunvald (Retirees), Rainer Glaser (AAUP), and Rebekah K. Hart (sec.). Absent: Norman Land, Xiaoguang Ni, Joe Parcell, Adam Whaley-Connell, Ian Worthington, Charles Nilon (Black Faculty & Staff), Lori McKinley (NTT), and Fred Williams (NTT).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Tom Phillips called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m., in room S203 Memorial Union. The 12-4-08 and 12-12-08 (special general faculty meeting) minutes were approved as submitted. The agenda order was suspended in order to take our guest first.

Report of Officers

A "Town Hall" meeting has been called by President Forsee for each campus. The Columbia campus Town Hall meeting is currently scheduled for Friday, February 20 the time and location have not been announced yet. The President along with each respective Chancellor wishes to speak to the campus communities concerning the university budget and related issues. Betsy Rodriquez, Vice President Human Resources will be Council's guest on February 12, 2009 to discuss and review university policies. The next Board meeting is February 5 & 6 in Columbia.

J. Wilson Watt, IFC representative, told Council that President Forsee spends several hours meeting with campus leaders each month at Intercampus Faculty Council meetings.

Action Items

Registration changes - Trinklein. David Trinklein, chair, Academic Affairs Committee presented two changes for the faculty handbook. After brief discussion and one wordage change to the first proposal, both were passed by a unanimous vote.

"A student may not register for, and/or receive, credit (semester hours) for a course other than the number of credits shown as approved for the course in the Schedule of Courses."

"No student will be permitted to register in any school or college of the MU or in any course, other than Problems, Special Readings, or Research, after the expiration of one week following the first day of classes in regular session or the equivalent thereof in a shorter session. Registration in Problems, Special Readings, Research, or for Graduate Examination will be permitted until the final day of classes for a session. A department may establish an earlier deadline."

Discussion Items

Guest: Ken Dean, Deputy Provost. Dean stated that this has been a difficult time in which to plan. He described the problems and covered the following points.

  1. There is no centralized personnel control. In the decentralized management, the allotted monies are given to the division and the Deans make internal decisions about the use of this money. There is some centralized review regarding that proper process is used in recruitment.
  2. The exact number of vacancies are not known, but can be estimated based on the number of requests for new hires.
  3. There are 117 vacancies including tenure and non-tenure positions: thirty one have been approved, five are pending, two searches have been canceled by the department, one search has been canceled by the Office of the Provost, in seven to eight other examples no decisions have been made. This does not include the Medical Center or Extension.
  4. Extension has been handled via Compete Missouri and the Medical Center is reviewed via the Dean of Health Affairs and the Chancellor's Office.
  5. All the regulations are pertaining only to GO (general operating) dollars.
  6. RIF (research incentive funds) dollars are now considered the same as GO dollars. Many faculty have strong feelings that RIF dollars should not be considered as GO dollars. This was discussed, RIF dollars are intimately bound to the faculty (investigators') work that they should be considered separate from GO dollars. They expressed the feeling that they should have more input into the fiscal process and this process should have more transparency.
  7. Since last year they has been a decline in tenured positions by eight.
  8. There has been no decrease in funds for diversity hiring or in providing scholarships for under-represented students.
  9. All money raised by faculty as well as revenue generating activities such as the book store and residency money are considered as GO dollars.

Final exam schedule - Trinklein. This item will be discussed at the next Council meeting.

Spending restrictions. Phillips announced that his intention is to assign this to a committee and have a report brought back to Council.

Standing Committee Reports

There were no committee reports.


Council went into closed session to approve committee nominations. A special meeting of the Executive Committee was held with guests following the committee nomination approvals. The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward Adelstein, Recorder