Fall Semester General Faculty Meeting: October 25, 2007

Call-to-order and Attendance

The Fall  Semester General Faculty Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Chancellor Deaton in the Jesse Wrench Auditorium of the Memorial Union. Approximately 100 people were in attendance.

Opening Remarks & Introductions - Chancellor Deaton

Deaton welcomed the attendees of this meeting.   He made some brief introductory remarks then turned the podium over to Professor Schmidt, Chair, MU Faculty Council for his reports.

Report from Faculty Council - Frank Schmidt

Schmidt gave a summary report of some of the issues in Council.  There will be a faculty ballot on regular faculty representation on Faculty Council and the revised grievance procedure for faculty which is a culmination of the past three years efforts to improve that procedure.  Faculty Council’s standing committee on Fiscal Affairs has continued with the 1 percent committee and fiscally related issues holding meetings with the administration as well as participating in the Provost budget forums.  A letter was written, endorsed by the entire Faculty Council, and sent to Interim President Lamb in support of his recent remarks concerning academic freedom.  A comparison chart of institutions in the Big 12 with their state funding level showed University of Missouri at the bottom of this list.  Some ideas to counter the lack of state support and other examples of attacks on higher education, are being acted upon through groups such as the Speaker’s Bureau, Saturday Morning Science, The Flagship Council, and Extension Networks working out in the state for the benefit of the university.

Campus Update - Chancellor Brady J. Deaton

Deaton thanked Schmidt for his presentation.   The Chancellor reviewed many positive items taking place this fall.

  1. Our athletic teams and programs are doing extremely well.
  2. The football Tiger team is at the top of the Big 12.
  3. Norm Stewart has been named to the Hall of Fame.
  4. The College of Business has been renamed Robert Truelast School of Business.
  5. The General Classroom Building was renamed in honor of Professor Arvarh E. Strickland, MU’s first African-American faculty member.
  6. The Museum of Art and Archaeology has recently acquired a piece of artwork Buelen sculpture of a Dancer.  The Life Science Building has also acquired a new sculpture Joy of Discovery.
  7. Our campus’ enrollment is topping out at 28,500 students this semester.
  8. The average ACT has risen to 25.5.
  9. Student retention is at a high of 84.5 percent.
  10. Externally funded research is at a high of $191 million
  11. Requesting a restoration of our campus name to University of Missouri dropping the regional designation.
  12. The capital campaign has reached $832 million with a target of one billion dollars.  David Housh, Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Relations was thanked for his hard work and resulting success.
  13. The Chancellor serves on the CBHE committee on the Higher Education Funding Formula.
  14. Through the Chancellor’s Compete Missouri study the University of Missouri economic impact on the state and local economy is estimated to be around $312 million dollars.

The Chancellor turned the meeting over to Tim Rooney, Director, Budget Office for a status report.  After introductions, Rooney proceeded to explain many of the complex details of the university’s budget. Rooney stated that the total budget was $1,108,509,858 current year. Of this money $445,613,435 was flexible GO based primarily on tuition and state funds. The current estimate is a projected deficit of $7.2 million dollars in 2009 and there was no way to get additional money for faculty salaries except for faculty initiated 1% internal reallocation.

Other Business and Adjournment

Deaton opened the floor up for questions. Sarah Gable remarked that Extension has always been involved in university outreach efforts.  An anonymous faculty member shared his thoughts on maintaining a web site for students to use to complain about courses and said this would invite a culture of complaints. Clark Gantzer spoke to an upcoming Faculty Council ballot on representation and urged all faculty to vote in opposition of this ballot. Kerby Miller addressed the group on the issue of unionization for the faculty and staff on this campus.  He asked Deaton to review policies on the use of the university internet for large distribution of information.  Deaton said that he would do so.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully Recorded,
Eddie Adelstein, Acting Recorder for the Faculty