Meeting Minutes: October 20, 2005


Present: Edward Adelstein, Elizabeth Baker, Ken Benson, Bruce Bullock, Rex Campbell, Michael Devaney, Clark Gantzer, Catherine Holland, William Lamberson, Kenneth MacLeod, Tom Phillips, Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Mark Prelas, Frank Schmidt, Laura Schopp, Michael Taksar, Wilson Watt, Roger Worthington, Michael Muchow (Librarians), Dean Yarwood (Retirees), and Rebekah K. Hart, sec. Absent: Charles Borduin, Leah Cohn, Pat Fry, Philip Johnson, Michael Kramer, Alan Luger, Steven Neal, Eileen Porter, Anand Prahlad, Jim Sterling, Lisa Zanetti, Flore Zephir, Adrienne Hoard (Black Faculty & Staff), and Andrew Simpson (AAUP).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Lamberson at 3:30 p.m., in room S203 Memorial Union. [Lamberson announced that the order of the meeting is changed in order to accommodate Council's guest first then the remaining meeting would follow.] The minutes of the September 8, 2005 Faculty Council Meeting were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Lamberson announced that there would be a general faculty meeting Thursday, December 8, 2005.

Schmidt, Vice Chair, gave the report of the Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) retreat at the Lakes of the Ozarks October 29-30, 2005. Some of the topics discussed include an update on Executive Order 6a. The previous language of the order has been restored. The issue of the role of professional track faculty was raised and will be discussed more during the year. Steve Knorr, Vice President for Governmental Relations emphasized there has been a major shift from the state legislature being predominantly Democratic to predominantly Republican. Knorr discussed the proposed Bearden bill that would shift state students funding to being more available to private colleges and universities. He mentioned that there is a proposal to ask for an increase in state funding including twenty million dollars for health care education, and capital for an eighty seven million dollar health sciences center. Nikki Krawitz, Vice President for Finance and Administrative Issues described a new model that will be used as a funding model. Ken Hutchinson, Vice President for Human Resources, discussed changes in faculty benefits, primarily changes in the health care benefits, including the abolishment of the current HMO. Hutchinson emphasized that the proportion of the health care costs paid by the university was to be increased slightly. He was questioned about the ability to have domestic partners covered under the long-term health care coverage. He stated that the definition of a family was established by the Board of Curators and this did not include domestic partners even though this would not cost the university any money.

Schmidt also mentioned that he had attended the fall meeting, October 6, of the Missouri Associations of Faculty Senates (MAFS).

Schopp, Board of Curators Observer, reported on the September 28-29, 2005 Board of Curators meeting in St. Louis. She said the meeting had included a three-hour closed session. The naming of the MU Life Sciences building for Senator Kit Bond was approved. Her observation was that some curators still believed that there is financial waste in the university system that can be eliminated.

Prelas, Website Editor, reported that the turnaround in getting material placed on the Faculty Council web page had improved. He also has inquired if the Faculty Council could be given editorial rights to the website.

Discussion Items

Guest: Michael Paden, Associate Vice President, Benefits. Michael Paden, Associate Vice President for Benefits University System, gave a detailed report on the changes to be made in the Medical Benefit Plan for 2006. He made the following points.

1. The UM Managed Health Care program will be terminated because of high costs.

2. The university subsidy of heath care insurance will be increased from seventy to seventy three percent.

3. There will be a series of increases in the UM Choice Plus plan including no co-pay for preventive care. The co-pay for non-UM physicians will increase by five dollars, the cost of Urgent Care will increase to fifty dollars, the Emergency Room visits to one hundred dollars, and the out-of-network deductible to $500.

4. The costs of design-prescription drugs will be increased including annual deductible and out-of-pocket limits.

Admissions Policy Change - Lamberson. Lamberson passed out a letter from Steve Graham, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs University System, that described the proposed new admissions standards for the university. These include that any Missouri student graduating the top ten percent of their graduating class and having seventeen credits including four units of math, three units of social sciences, three units of science, two units of foreign language and one unit of fine arts. In addition, all students are required to take the ACT/SAT tests. The proposed changes, if implemented, will make very little change in who comes to University of Missouri-Columbia.

Change of Grade - Phillips. Phillips described a change in grading from the Academic Affairs committee that would change the time allowed for changing incorrectly reported grades from one semester to one year. This makes this policy consistent with the one-year time allowed for removal of an "Incomplete" or "No Grade".

2007-2008 Academic Calendar - Phillips. Phillips reported that the proposed calendar was the same as previous years except that "Reading Day" was now on a Friday instead of the Saturday previously used. Also, the starting time for the winter semester follows the Martin Luther King holiday, which this year results in a short time between the end of semester and the start of the summer program.

Faculty Governance - Prather-Kinsey. Prather-Kinsey described proposed changes developed by the Faculty Affairs committee in the faculty governance policies. The proposal extends the faculty shared governance policies to the departmental level. The proposal specifies the procedures to be used for departmental meetings. The Chancellor and Provost support the proposed changes.

Standing Committee Reports

Academic Affairs: Phillips, Chair Academic Affairs, discussed proposed changes in the admission policies for transfer students from out-of-state students.

Faculty Affairs: Prather-Kinsey, Chair Faculty Affairs, distributed a draft of proposed changes in the tenuring process. The proposed changes would allow for leave for one year when a new birth occurs or an adoption is made. The extension would have to be proposed at least six months prior to the leave. Up to two extension (for two children) would be permitted under the proposal. Fiscal Affairs: Eddie Adelstein, Chair Fiscal Affairs, reported that the committee had met and carefully reviewed the proposed changes in the benefits and he was very complimentary of the proposed changes.

Diversity Enhancement: Watt, Chair Diversity Enhancement, reported that the committee had met and was addressing what was the appropriate role for the committee.

Student Affairs: Devaney, Chair Student Affairs, reported that the committee was very concerned with pedestrian safety and that he had contacted the Columbia Police who stated that the cross walks around the university were monitored by the University Police. He also reported that surveillance cameras had been mounted in the Maryland Street Parking Garage as a trial for safety reasons.


The meeting went into a brief closed session. The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Rex Campbell, Acting Recorder