Meeting Minutes: December 2, 2004


Present: Edward Adelstein, Rex Campbell, Gordon Christensen, Bruce Cutter, Edward Hunvald (for Pat Fry), Bill Lamberson, Sudarshan Loyalka, Kenneth MacLeod, Tom Marrero, Tom Phillips, Eileen Porter, Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Charles Sampson, David Schenker, Frank Schmidt, Laura Schopp, Barbara Townsend, Wilson Watt, Flore Zephir, and Robert Weems (Black Faculty & Staff). Absent: Elizabeth Baker, Bruce Bullock, Richard Hessler, Catherine Holland, Philip Johnson, Michael Kramer, Eric Landes, Glenn Leshner, Steven Neal, Andrew Simpson (AAUP), Dean Yarwood (Retirees), and Michael Muchow (Librarians).

Report of Officers

Christensen made the following announcements: (1) the Second Annual Faculty Council Christmas Party will be Friday, December 17 in The Conley House Council Offices; (2) Rebekah Flanders, Council Secretary has recovered sufficiently to return full-time; (3) the video, "Cheating on College Campuses, November 19, 2004, ABC 20/20" is available to Council members; (4) Bruce Bullock, Professor, Agricultural Economics, recently received the McQuinn endowed chair for Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Economics; (5) communication with Chancellor Brady Deaton he is unable to attend the January 20, 2005 meeting, however, would visit Faculty Council again in the Winter Semester; (6) the Recruitment Committee for the next Provost will be named within the next several days; (7) Christensen was in contact with the General Council's office on the grievance report and the provost will meet with Edward Hunvald, Sudarshan Loyalka, and Christensen on any related issues; and, (8) finally, he handed out a pamphlet on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules and pointed out how easy it was to violate them.

Edward Adelstein, Observer to the Board, made a very brief report on the November 18 & 19, 2004 Board meeting in Rolla.

Action Items

Proposed Academic Calendar for 2006-07 - Lamberson. Lamberson reported the proposed calendar is the same as previous calendars with the exception that the fall semester begins one week earlier to adjust for the calendar year. The motion to accept this calendar was made by Lamberson and Adelstein seconded the motion. Council unanimously accepted the calendar as presented. The calendar appears in its entirety below.

"University of Missouri-Columbia PROPOSED ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2006-2007


Discussion Items

Guests: Linda Blockus, Director, Undergraduate Research and Susan Renoe, Assistant Director. They discussed and ran a video of the campus-wide program to enhance undergraduate research. Renoe announced that there would be an undergraduate research conference April 26, 2005 during which all students involved in undergraduate research would be invited to present posters concerning their research. It was announced that there is a monthly breakfast the first Tuesday of every month where undergraduate participants are invited to discuss their research. Blockus discussed the need to get more undergraduate people in research and suggested that wherever possible undergraduates should be hired on grants when possible. Jenice Prather-Kinsey asked how does this relate to the McNair Program and the answer was that it was complimentary. Eilene Porter ask if their program was competitive and Blockus replied yes. Tom Marrero made an inquiry about writing proposals for grants. They then summarized that there were 45 freshmen involved in this program and currently there are 250 funded.

Resolution Regarding Faculty Council Elections Procedures - Schmidt. Frank Schmidt presented the resolution. He first made a motion to suspend the rules in order so that Council could vote on it at this meeting. The purpose of suspending the rules was to allow the committee to have the time to submit their report prior to elections in the summer 2005. The motion was seconded and it passed. Schmidt then moved the resolution. Adelstein seconded the motion, and it passed with minor editorial suggestions which were accepted. This resolution appears in its entirety below.

"Resolution Regarding Faculty Council Elections Procedures

Whereas, Faculty Council is charged with representing the interests of all regular MU faculty, AND

Whereas, all members of Faculty Council should have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions,

Now therefore, be it resolved, that Faculty Council Chair, with advisement from the Executive Committee appoint an ad hoc committee with the charge to examine Faculty Council "Rules of Order" and to review past practices regarding nominations and elections AND

Be it further resolved that the committee shall be charged to propose amendments to the "Rules of Order" and Council practices if they judge that such amendments would be helpful in achieving broad representation of the membership in Council leadership, AND

Be it further resolved, that the committee submit its report to the Executive Committee in time for amendments, if any, to become effective for elections of Faculty Council leadership for the 2005-2006 academic year."

Resolution Regarding ad hoc Faculty Council Task Force on Diversity - Schmidt. Charles Sampson made a motion to suspend the rules, Adelstein seconded and it passed. Schmidt then moved the resolution and Adelstein seconded it. In discussion on this item, Flore Zephir asked if this task force would be composed of Council members only, and Schmidt answered yes. Marrero asked what is diversity. Schmidt pointed to the definition that was footnoted on the proposal. He noted that the task force would be directed to the document, "Review Team Report On the Staus of Diversity Programs on the Campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia". A motion was made to delete "both non-minority & minority" from the third paragraph of the resolution. After discussion, a motion was made by Porter, and Sampson seconded, the motion passed to delete the words. Bruce Cutter called for a division of the house, a hand vote was taken, and the motion passed. Porter made the motion to drop the words "diverse: and "diverse individuals" and substituting "diversity". There followed a couple of friendly amendments. Sampson said that in the final report diversity would be defined. The question called and the motion passed.

"Resolution Regarding ad hoc Faculty Council Task Force on Diversity

Whereas, Faculty Council under University Bylaws has shared authority relating to the campus climate for diversity of experience and thought, AND

Whereas, several evaluators have recently reported on the campus climate regarding ethnic and other diversity issues, AND

Whereas, faculty members have communicated their opinion that there needs to be a continuing effort to ensure that MU welcomes diversity.

Now therefore, be it resolved that Faculty Council Chair with advisement of the Executive Committee appoint an ad hoc task force of Council with the charge:

(1) to examine the recent reports regarding the campus climate for diversity, and other relevant information, AND

(2) to have due regard for the role and responsibilities of Faculty Council, considering and making recommendations to the Faculty Council concerning the need for and appropriate measures for a plan of action by the Faculty Council, including but not limited to changes in the "Rules of Order".

Be it further resolved, that the committee submit its report to the Executive Committee and Faculty Council by the end of the 2004-2005 academic year."

Grievance Report - Chrisentsen. Christensen reported that there are still two grievances outstanding in the President's office but added that he thought they would be resolved quickly.

Proposed Incentive Plan - Sampson. Sampson handed out his report on the Proposed Incentive Plan. Council briefly discussed the report. This report will be on the next Executive Committee agenda. Upon approval by Faculty Council, it will be handed over to the Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) and President Floyd.

Naming the New Basketball Arena - Christensen. Marrero stated that at some universities there is a policy that no buildings on campus would be named after a living person. Cutter added that we used to have this policy. Loyalka queried should the faculty have a role in the renaming. David Schenker added that faculty are involved in the naming of rooms, etc. in their individual departments and colleges. Porter said faculty should have a role in this process. Cutter agreed that Special Projects would consider the issue of the role of faculty in approving the naming of buildings and return a recommendation to the Council.

Standing Committee Reports

Student Affairs: Schenker, chair, said that they were adding two items to their committee work. One is working diversity into committee reports and the other is teaching evaluations discussions with Marilyn Miller, Interim Director, Program for Excellence in Teaching (PET).

Faculty Affairs: Tom Philips, chair, had a report distributed at the meeting which noted the progress of the Faculty Affairs Committee in addressing the issue of non-regular faculty. The report included a draft resolution which will be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration at the next Council meeting. The draft resolution establishes a deadline for the approval of guidelines for promotion and tenure of non-regular faculty and requires an annual report on the number of non-regular faculty.


The meeting moved into a closed session. The meeting adjourned at 5:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Rex Campbell, Recorder