Meeting Minutes: December 9, 2003 Special General Faculty Meeting


The special general faculty meeting was called by the Faculty Council and President Elson S. Floyd in the Jesse Wrench Auditorium of the Memorial Union at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9, 2003. Approximately 100 people were in attendance.


Dr. Eileen Porter, Associate Professor of Nursing and Vice Chair of the Faculty Council provided the introductions and chaired this meeting due to the absence of Dr. Gordon Christensen who was attending a meeting in New York, NY on intercollegiate athletics at the request of Chancellor Wallace. Porter opened the meeting noting a quorum of faculty present. She introduced President Elson S. Floyd who addressed the first two items on the agenda and presented to him the agenda asking him to share his views of the following items.
I.Consolidation of the office of Chancellor with the office of President of the University.
II.Future of the MU school of Medicine. I. Consolidation of the Office of Chancellor with the Office of President of the University
1.If there were no budget constraints, the present system with the president overseeing four campuses would be ideal.
2.In view of the financial situation and the promise that there may be more fiscal cuts he felt that significant money could be saved by consolidation.
3.He did not believe that further raising of tuition could treat financial shortfalls.
4.His philosophy of leadership is one of shared governance.
5.He believed that consolidation of various administrative functions could save significant dollars if carried out correctly. He reviewed the various functions that have already been consolidated.
6.With regard to the positions of Chancellor of MU and President of the University of Missouri, he believed that the best approach would be to retain the integrity of both positions even if administrative functions were consolidated. This is, if he were to assume the position of Chancellor of MU, he would attain that title while retaining that of President of UM. Based on conversations with faculty and others, he believed that this approach would allow for the division of administrative functions in the future if needed.
7.He recognized the problems with individual institutional identities and believes that in seeking consensus for consolidation many of these questions will be satisfactorily answered.
8.He will present his plan for consolidation at the next Board of Curators meeting.

Questions were asked by members of the faculty and were answered in detail by Dr. Floyd. He then invited members present to state their opinions about the proposed consolidation.

II. Future of the MU School of Medicine

1.The Medical School and hospital were pivotal in the development of a life sciences program where we had the advantage of having a University Medical School, Veterinary School, strong basic sciences and an engineering and nuclear reactor.

These critical resources should allow us to develop significant research opportunities with increased Federal funding.
2.He and the Board of Curators has made a significant contribution of funding over the next several years to enable the health sciences to succeed.
3.The University Hospital administration answers directly to his position as President of the University.
4.He will not take resources from UMC to develop a medical school or research facilities at UMKC. He will work hard to utilize funds provided by the private sector to develop a program that will serve the needs of UMKC. He hopes for institutional sharing and cooperation.

Floyd opened the floor for questions. On behalf of the faculty, Porter thanked Dr. Floyd for coming to the meeting to discuss these important issues.

Any Other Business

Porter opened the floor to any other business to come before the faculty. There was none.


The meeting was adjourned [moved, R. Campbell] at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward H. Adelstein, Recorder for the Faculty