Meeting Minutes: October 9, 2003


Present: Edward Adelstein, Bruce Bullock, Rex Campbell, Gordon Christensen, Bruce Cutter, Wilson Freyermuth, Sara Gable, Judith Goodman, Catherine Holland, Philip Johnson, Michael Kramer, Bill Lamberson, Eric Landes, Sudarshan Loyalka, Tom Marrero, Michael McKean, Tom Phillips, Eileen Porter, Jenice Prather-Kinsey, Charles Sampson, David Schenker, Frank Schmidt, Paul Sharp, Don Sievert, Peggy Placier for Barbara Townsend, Flore Zephir, Herbert Tillema (AAUP), and Tom Freeman (Retirees). Absent: Elizabeth Baker, Mike Devaney, Richard Hessler, Andrienne Hoard (Black Faculty & Staff), and Michael Muchow (Librarians).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Gordon Christensen at 3:30 p.m. in room S203 of the Memorial Union. He began the meeting by reading a passage on "Responsibility" in MU's Statement of Values written by Dr. Mel George, President Emeritus. The minutes of July 31, 2003 were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Christensen, once again, announced a change in the Faculty Council meeting schedule from Thursday, December 11, 2003 to Thursday, December 4, 2003 due to a change in date of the Board of Curators meeting in December. Christensen reminded Council members to keep February 4, 2004 at 4:30 p.m. open for a possible faculty reception. The Chancellor has asked Christensen to attend a conference on athletic reform in New York, New York on Wednesday, December 10, 2003. Finally, negotiations continue on the RADIL issue. Philip Johnson confirmed that discussion continues between the administration and the faculty in hopes of resolving this issue.

Action Items

Faculty Workload Policy - Porter. Eileen Porter gave Council a report on the current status of the system Faculty Workload Policy. The Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) will be voting on this item at their October meeting. During a brief discussion a few points were noted: some minor changes are needed in Section C; the nine credit hours clause is somewhat unclear; and, further clarification is needed in distinctions between regular faculty and non-regular faculty.

Discussion Items

Guests: Guest: J. Wilson Watt, Chair, Committee on Committees on the 2003-2003 Annual Report. Watt presented the 2003 Annual Committee on Committees Report in which one-third of all campus standing committees are reviewed on a rotating basis each year. The detail of this report is as follows: Campus Parking and Transportation and Campus Planning Committees are functioning well; the Concerts Committee has not met due to their conducting an internal review to see what changes need to be made in planning future concerts; the Hearnes Committee will continue with their multipurpose building plans and it was noted that the committee has experienced difficulties dealing with the athletic department; Honorary Degrees committee complained they are not getting feedback from Faculty Council and they want their charge changed; Minority Affairs needs its charge clarified on the points of language proficiency and campus diversity; Missouri Unions Committee noted that the management of the Unions is not responsive to their concerns; the Student Publication Committee has a limited charge in dealing with the publication of the "Maneater" campus newspaper and the "Savitar Yearbook"; finally, the Lectures Committee and the MU Information Committee were not reviewed even though they were apart of this year's rotation.

In summation Watt focused on what he felt were the main problems shared by these committees.

1. Scheduling a time for meetings and subsequently attendance.

2. Matching students' interests better with committee charges.

3. Clarification or rewording of charges.

4.General confusion that exists in the translation of "advisory" vs "authority" definitions. What these committees feel they can or cannot do.

Leadership Issues at Baylor University - Christensen. The discussion concerns a letter he received from the Faculty Council President at Baylor University. The issue was the recent vote of no confidence in the current Baylor University President, plus they sent along a list of items that they feel were destructive to the goals of their university. Christensen presented to Council a letter he drafted in response. Adelstein felt that most of their issues were present on this campus. Schmidt stated that we did not share the "religious" issues that were present on their campus. It was decided to table this issue and allow members to send comments to Dr. Christensen to be incorporated into the Faculty Council response.

Framework for Identifying Resource Allocation Principles - Porter. Porter presented the 9/8/03 draft to Council for their input and information. She further commented that work will continue on this draft in consultation with Dr. Massy.

Finalization of Revised Grievance Procedure Principles - Loyalka. Sudarshan Loyalka reported that this document has been posted to the Council website for view of the faculty and their comments. An open faculty forum will likely be arranged as well. Christensen noted that in his discussions with the Chancellor and Provost on this topic that so far no timelines have been established.

Class Size Guidelines and Larger Classes - Lamberson. Bill Lamberson presented this item initiated by Lori Franz, Vice Provost, to establish guidelines to give chairpersons defined rights to the cancellation of classes that are unjustifiably below minimums of six graduate students or twelve undergraduates. Wilson Freyermuth pointed out to Council that this was an administrative issue and it was not necessary for us to act directly on this recommendation or sanction it. Adelstein expressed strongly that we were in educational backwards land and that the issue to be critically reviewed is the large freshman classes. He felt that our early attrition rate of incoming freshman might be related to these large classes with little opportunity to provide special assistance to students in academic trouble. This item will again be on next meeting's agenda.


The meeting moved into a closed session for committee nominations. The meeting was then adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward Adelstein, Recorder