Meeting Minutes: August 29, 2002


Present: Jeffrey Anglen, Tobias Baskin, Gordon Christensen, Nelson Cowan, Michael Devaney, Wilson Freyermuth, Sara Gable, Judith Goodman, Tom Hurley, Bill Lamberson, Norman Land, Sudarshan Loyalka, Michael McKean, Catherine Parke, Peggy Placier, Eileen Porter, Charles Sampson, Don Sievert, Barbara Townsend, Herbert Tillema (AAUP), Charles Cramer (Retirees), and Pat Timberlake (Librarians). Absent: Rex Campbell, Bruce Cutter, Philip Johnson, Eric Landes, Robert Leavene, Daniel Longo, Paul Sharp, William Wiebold, and Jenice Prather-Kinsey (Black Faculty and Staff).

Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Chair Michael Devaney at 3:30 p.m. in room S203 of the Memorial Union. The minutes of the July 25, 2002 Faculty Council meeting were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Devaney introduced a new Council member Barbara Townsend, College of Education. Devaney called Council's attention to items included in the meeting packet: a section from the "Collected Rules and Regulations" that grants Faculty Council the authority to act for the regular faculty; Council's "Rules of Order"; the revised 2002-2003 meeting schedule for Council; the two membership rosters; and, the standing committee assignments. Further, he announced that the Executive Committee will meet with Chancellor Wallace and Provost Deaton on September 3 and again in September with Provost Deaton on the 16th. He requested that any items for discussion be communicated to an Executive Committee member for either of these two meetings. Devaney ended his report by noting that the Provost Office increased its financial support to the library thus lessening the libraries proposed cut-back in operating hours.

Eileen Porter reported on the Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) retreat which she attended with Sudarshan Loyalka and Devaney. Porter began the report announcing that Sudarshan Loyalka will chair IFC as this is Columbia campus' year to chair this four campus group. Among the reports given at this meeting was a report from Ralph Caruso, Vice President for Information Technology, in which he addressed concerns raised by a report by Bill Wiebold and Fiscal Affairs on PeopleSoft. Caruso also reported on the work of his committee to address administrative costs. Their recommendations will be made in the fall when results of the early retirement program are known. There was discussion on a report about the Research Board. It was reported that only two million dollars are currently available as opposed to the four million dollars that had been available in the past. The Board will try to increase this funding by one million dollars and is also working to clarify the eligibility of non-regular faculty for Research Board funding. University lobbyist Jim Snyder reported on state funding and urged support for the Board of Curator's recent resolution seeking substantial increases in state support for higher education. Snyder also summarized James Moody's recent report to the Board of Curators in which he outlined a gloomy fiscal future for higher education. Snyder recommended contact with legislators and legislature candidates regarding higher education budget issues. Loyalka noted that IFC has already sent a letter supporting the resolution to the governor with copies to the Board of Curators. Other issues upcoming in the legislature include English language proficiency, faculty workload, and Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE) structure. Nikki Krawitz, UM Vice President for Finance and Administration, discussed budget cuts and noted that a draft report of the task force reviewing University Hospital was recently delivered to the Chancellor. IFC's priorities for the coming year will include the Research Board, PeopleSoft implementation, program consolidation and performance issues, and evaluation of administrators.

Discussion Items

Endorsement of Board of Curators Resolution. Devaney introduced the resolution of the Board of Curators asking for increased state support of higher education and noted that many departments of the university are forwarding their endorsements of the resolution to the governor. A motion to suspend the rules [Rules Suspended] for the purpose of endorsing the Board's resolution passed unanimously as did a motion to endorse the resolution. Porter noted that the School of Nursing has sent a similar endorsement to the governor.

Board Amendment Revision. Loyalka introduced a proposed amendment to the Collected Rules and Regulations intended to replace the recently amended section 10.030A.9. In forwarding the amendment to Stephen Lehmkuhle, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Loyalka emphasized that it represents our understanding of the Board's intent (as expressed to Council) when they recently amended section 10.030A.9. The substance of the amendment is as follows:

Appointments: The appointments of all officers and employees of the university are generally made for specific term, salaries, and benefits. However, should the university's fiscal circumstances suddenly deteriorate to a level that adjustments are necessary to avoid financial exigency, the Board of Curators may temporarily and prospectively adjust the salaries and benefits of all its employees subject to the following:

a. Such adjustments shall be for the shortest terms and in the smallest increments the Board deems necessary;

b. Adjustments shall be across the board on an equitable basis to all university employees (e.g. percentage of salary, number of working days);

c. The foregoing shall not be deemed to abolish or abridge any right of academic personnel to academic freedom or the tenure regulations of the university.

Lehmkuhle has forwarded the amendment to University Counsel and President Pacheco who will meet with the IFC on September 11. He noted the amendment has the unanimous endorsement of IFC. A motion to suspend the rules [Rules Suspended] for the purpose of endorsing the amendment passed unanimously as did a motion to endorse the amendment as reflecting Council's understanding of the Board's original intent in amending section 10.030A.9.

Any Other Business

Tobias Baskin reported that a colleague at UMKC expressed concern that the newly appointed head of the biological sciences program there was not only very highly paid but has no background in biology and was appointed without faculty input. The matter was referred to the Executive Committee.

Devaney noted that the Mathematics Department held a preliminary election for their Executive Committee yesterday. Their chair declined Council's offer to conduct the election but two Council observers were present and will also be present for the final election tomorrow. He also noted, regarding the registrar's proposal to renumber courses, that the registrar will soon meet with the Executive Committee and with Council.


The open meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m. Council then went into a brief closed session for some committee appointments; and, then a very brief Executive Committee meeting followed ending the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Hurley, Recorder