Meeting Minutes: August 30, 2001


Present: Jeffrey Anglen, Tobias Baskin, David Geary (for Nelson Cowan), Bruce Cutter, Michael Devaney, Sara Gable, Judith Goodman, Daniel Hooley, Robert Jerry, Philip Johnson, Bill Lamberson, Norman Land, Sudarshan Loyalka, Michael McKean, Anne McKendry, Loren Nikolai, Catherine Parke, Peggy Placier, Eileen Porter, Paul Sharp, Don Sievert, Lloyd Barrow (for MaryEllen Sievert), Russ Zguta, Charles Cramer (Retirees), Pat Timberlake (Librarians). Absent: Gordon Christensen, L. Wayne Hess, Tom Hurley, William Wiebold, Jenice Prather-Kinsey (Black Faculty and Staff), and Mark Prelas (AAUP).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Russ Zguta called the meeting to order in S203 of the Memorial Union at 3:33 p.m. The minutes of July 26, 2001 were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Zguta began the meeting with a general welcome back to all the returning members and a welcome to all the new members with introductions made to the group. He announced that the annual Faculty Council Workshop will take place on Thursday, September 13, 2001.

Peggy Placier, Council Website Editor, announced that a draft version of the "frequently asked questions" (FAQ's) on General Education can be found at the following website: Further she requested Council to send her their comments or questions.

Judith Goodman, Intercampus Faculty Council (IFC) Representative, reported that IFC held its annual retreat on August 2-3, 2001. Some of the items in her report are: Research Board funding was cut to $2,000,000 to deal with budget cuts; Procurement will be centralized for the four campuses in the coming year; and, new conflict of interest and intellectual property policies are being designed at the system level.

Discussion Items

Guest: United Way Presentation, Tom Freeman and Jim Schatz; Jack Burns, Vice Provost, Office of Research.

Tom Freeman, Volunteer Chair of the United Way Fundraising Drive for MU and Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences, and Jim Schatz, Regional Chairman of the United Way Fundraising Drive and President of Commerce Bank asked Faculty Council representatives to encourage their constituency to donate to the United Way. A goal of $2,445,000 with a 30-40% participation level has been set for MU. The United Way provides funds to 29 agencies in central Missouri.

Jack Burns, Vice Provost for Research, presented the annual report for research funding for the campus. MU had the highest rate of growth in new awards from the federal government of any AAU Institution. The rate of growth from 1996 to 1999 was 57%, placing MU at 47 in funding among the top 100 research universities.

Presidential Search. Zguta reported that the Board of Curators has set in motion a search to replace President Pacheco. Zguta was directed by Council members to draft a resolution to the Board regarding faculty participation.

General Education Update - McKean. Michael McKean, Chair, Academic Affairs, discussed how to proceed with a faculty vote on whether MU will adopt the Coordinating Board on Higher Education's (CBHE) guidelines on general education. Different ways to get information out to faculty concerning the issue were discussed. It was suggested that a mass email should be sent to faculty with the "frequently asked questions" website address. Discussion indicated that most people prefer that when a vote is taken that a single ballot go out containing the question of whether or not to adopt the CBHE guidelines, and if so, which curriculum plan to use. A ballot on this issue is expected in October.

Standing Committee Reports

Student Affairs: Michael Devaney, Chair, reported that undergraduate enrollment and Freshmen Interest Groups are at a record high. He also informed Council that the Student Success office is now open.


The open meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m. to go into a closed session for committee appointments. Council was then adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Judith Goodman, Recorder