Meeting Minutes: October 25, 2000


The Fall Semester General Faculty Meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Chancellor Richard Wallace in room Columns A, B, & C of the Reynolds Alumni Center. Approximately 210 people were in attendance.

Introduction of New Faculty

New faculty members were introduced by M. Chippendale of the College of Agriculture, R. Schwartz of the College of Arts and Sciences, R. Andrews of the College of Education, J. Thompson of the College of Engineering, B. Smith of the College of Human Environmental Sciences, W. Altemeier of the School of Medicine, J. Armer of the School of Nursing, J. Kornegay of the College of Veterinary Medicine and by B. Deaton for the College of Business and the School of Journalism.

Report from Faculty Council

Council Chair Russ Zguta reported that consideration of the post-tenure review draft document had occupied a large part of the Council's attention. He also summarized briefly the activities of Council's standing committees on Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs, Fiscal Affairs, Student Affairs, and Special Projects.

Report from Chancellor Wallace

Chancellor Wallace reported on the general operating budgets from FY '98 to present and on budget projections through FY '05. Assumptions underlying the budget projections were detailed as were the areas of projected spending increases and areas to be considered for program funding.

English Language Proficiency

Provost Deaton summarized the background of students' difficulties in communication with faculty members in some classes. He noted that the Board of Curators has committed the university to addressing the problem and outlined the steps being taken to do so.

Post-Tenure Review

Chair Zguta summarized the background and origin of the draft of the post-tenure review document. He noted that the Faculty Council will hold a "sense of the faculty" vote on the final version of the document when it becomes available. Some discussion followed after which the following motion was made by J. Zemke, seconded by several others and passed.

Motion: There be a mail ballot of all regular (tenure-track and tenured) faculty of the University of Missouri-Columbia which reads as follows:

"In order to preserve the academic vitality of the University of Missouri-Columbia the faculty respectfully requests that the Board of Curators refrain from implementing any form of post-tenure review on this campus. We recognize the individual and institutional needs for an annual review of faculty performance. In this regard, faculty performance should continue to be evaluated with the methods established by Executive Guideline 27."

Chancellor Wallace noted that, if the final post-tenure review document differs significantly from the present draft, there should be an appropriate mechanism to modify the above motion.


The General Faculty Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully Recorded,
Thomas Hurley, Recorder for the Faculty