Meeting Minutes: March 15, 2001


Present: Edward Adelstein, Tobias Baskin, Nelson Cowan, Bruce Cutter, Michael Devaney, Dan Edidin, Judith Goodman, Daniel Hooley, Tom Hurley, Robert Jerry, Philip Johnson, Eileen Porter (for Alice Kuehn), Norman Land, Sudarshan Loyalka, Michael McKean, Anne McKendry, Catherine Parke, Peggy Placier, Lloyd Barrow (for MaryEllen Sievert), Robert Weagley, Bill Wiebold, Russ Zguta, Herbert Tillema (AAUP), Charles Cramer (Retirees), and Pat Timberlake (Librarians). Absent: Gordon Christensen, Jeffre Firman, L. Wayne Hess, Loren Nikolai, David Rayl, and Mable Grimes (Black Faculty and Staff).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Russ Zguta called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. In room S203 Memorial Union. The minutes of the February 8, 2001 and February 22, 2001 were approved as submitted.

Report of Officers

Robert Jerry reported that at the meeting of the Council of Deans on March 9, 2001 the Chancellor reiterated his commitment of four percent raises despite a tight budget. Zguta reported on the implementation of post-tenure review which is to begin this September with the first five-year reviews to be in 2006.

Action Item(s)

Alcohol Resolution - Devaney. Michael Devaney presented, for the Committee on Student Affairs, a resolution concerned with student alcohol use. Dan Edidin and Tobias Baskin offered some friendly amendments and they were passed unanimously. The amended resolution passed unanimously and the Chair thanked Devaney and the committee for their work. This resolution in its amended form appears below.

Whereas, excessive drinking is a problem among a significant portion of our students ,

Whereas, the abuse of alcohol by college students slows their learning and weakens their academic performance, and can compromise health, lead to life-long addiction, a break-up of relationships, impaired function in the workplace and death,

Whereas, all members of the University community need to create an environment that encourages students to make responsible decisions concerning the use of alcohol,

Be it resolved that:

1.Faculty should be informed about and alert to the impact of excessive drinking on the academic success of students.

2.Faculty should recognize their status as role models by not in any way undermining students' awareness of the dangers of alcohol.

3.Faculty, in particular those who teach freshman classes, should be informed about signs of possible alcohol addiction and about how and where to refer students for help.

4.Faculty should communicate a consistent message to their students that this university expects from them responsible academic work, decision making, and behavior and be able to describe University resources available to help them succeed in meeting those standards.

Discussion Item(s)

Permanent Residency for International Faculty - Goodman/Krentsel. Judith Goodman outlined a proposal to request changes in permanent resident support services for non-native faculty. She introduced Gene Krentsel, Chair of the Council on International Initiatives, who detailed present policy of supporting only senior personnel. He described a proposal for cost sharing by central administration, the unit or division and department involved. Discussion followed and Krentsel asked for Council's input and approval of the final draft of the proposal.

Course Repeat Policy - Hooley. Dan Hooley discussed the conflict between the new course repeat policy and the Academic Regulations now in effect. He proposed that the latter be modified so that the "campus GPA" (incorporating the new policy) be the GPA of record.

General Education - Hooley. Dan Hooley discussed the faculty forums which will discuss recommendations of the CBHE regarding the general education policy for transfer students. The forums will take place on April 9 & 10 at 3:00 p.m. in Jesse Wrench Auditorium of the Memorial Union. Persons involved in generating the recommendations and MU's response will make presentations and answer questions. Zguta added that a faculty vote on the recommendations will be held and urged Council members to inform their faculty of the need to learn about the issues. A discussion followed concerning the ballot's format and the appropriateness of Council taking a position on the question if a consensus exists.

Grievance Process - Zguta. Zguta began a discussion of the problems with the grievance procedure, related recent discussions with the Chancellor and thanked Bob Jerry for his work in preparing a resolution which he presented to Council. Discussion yielded several requests for changes and Ed Adelstein suggested that, while a revised resolution was being drafted, Council request that the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) investigate the university's grievance procedures. Cutter's motion to suspend the rules passed unanimously. Baskin moved that:

That Faculty Council ask the American Association of University Professors to investigate the operational deficiencies in the grievance procedure at the University of Missouri Columbia in the last five years.

Discussion followed and the motion passed with one dissent and two abstentions. Lloyd Barrow suggested that amendments to the original resolution be communicated to Zguta or Jerry. Standing Committee Reports

Special Projects: Cutter, chair, reported on a proposed mechanism of administrator review and on a review instrument and asked for Council's input on both.


Council adjourned its open meeting at approximately 5:15 p.m. and then went into closed session for personnel items.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Hurley, Recorder