Student Alcohol Use (March 15, 2001)

Whereas, excessive drinking is a problem among a significant portion of our students,

Whereas, the abuse of alcohol by college students slows their learning and weakens their academic performance, and can compromise health, lead to life-long addiction, a break-up of relationships, impaired function in the workplace and death,

Whereas, all members of the University community need to create an environment that encourages students to make responsible decisions concerning the use of alcohol,

Be it resolved that:

  1. Faculty should be informed about and alert to the impact of excessive drinking on the academic success of students.
  2. Faculty should recognize their status as role models by not in any way undermining students' awareness of the dangers of alcohol.
  3. Faculty, in particular those who teach freshman classes, should be informed about signs of possible alcohol addiction and about how and where to refer students for help.
  4. Faculty should communicate a consistent message to their students that this university expects from them responsible academic work, decision making, and behavior and be able to describe University resources available to help them succeed in meeting those standards.