Intelligent Design and the Missouri Standard Science Act (April 14, 2004)

Whereas, This bill has been introduced for consideration by the Missouri State legislature; and

Whereas, This bill proposes to require all primary and secondary schools to teach the proposed curriculum; and

Whereas, The Faculty of the University have authority for maintaining academic standards and for determining standards for admission to the University, and

Whereas, "Intelligent Design" has not been used as the basis for any contemporary peer reviewed scientific publication in the Biological or Physical Sciences and therefore does not meet the standards for accepted scientific knowledge, and

Whereas, the teaching of this material will displace accepted scientific knowledge and thereby interfere with students¿ ability to meet requirements for admission to the University; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That HB 1722 should be rejected by the state legislature; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Faculty Council requests the faculty governance bodies of other institutions of higher education in the State of Missouri to study this bill and join us in calling for rejection of this bill by the Missouri State legislature.