Resolution Supporting a Name Restoration From University of Missouri–Columbia to University of Missouri

Whereas the University of Missouri, created in Columbia in 1839 to serve all citizens of the state, carried this name until the University of Missouri System was established with four branches in 1963;

Whereas this university, renamed the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1963, retains its historic statewide mission as a land-grant university, respected since the renaming as the "flagship campus" of the University of Missouri System;

Whereas the University of Missouri-Columbia, widely known throughout the state, the nation and the world as the University of Missouri, competes nationally and globally for students, faculty, research funding and other resources essential to performing its historic statewide mission;

Whereas the current regional naming system places the University of Missouri-Columbia at a competitive disadvantage by fostering misperceptions of the historic statewide mission among potential donors and other members of the public;

Whereas the University of Missouri Alumni Association Governing Board, which represents more than 200,000 worldwide alumni of the University of Missouri-Columbia, has endorsed the proposal to restore the historic name of the University of Missouri;

Now therefore, the University of Missouri-Columbia Faculty Council strongly supports the recommendation to restore the name of the University of Missouri-Columbia to the University of Missouri.