A Joint Resolution for a Family Friendly Initiative Task Force (March 4, 2009)

Graduate Professional Council, Missouri Students Association, Staff Advisory Council, and Faculty Council

Whereas, the Graduate Professional Council, the Missouri Students Association, the Staff Advisory Council, the Faculty Council, and the Status of Women's Committee have all started initiatives to make the University of Missouri a more friendly environment for all types of families; and,

Whereas, these groups have worked separately on some of the same issues related to family friendly policies; and,

Whereas, we believe that bringing all the parties to the same table would benefit the students, faculty, staff, and administration; and,

Whereas, committees have been formed that have examined issues related to Veteran Affairs, the Status of Women, and Disabilities; and,

Whereas these committees address some of the issues related to family, no committee or task force exists that focuses solely on family friendly policies for students, faculty, and staff.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Council of the University of Missouri's flagship campus strongly recommends that Chancellor Brady Deaton form a family friendly task force that examines the policies and issues related to making the University of Missouri a more family friendly campus; and,

Be it resolved that this committee/task force be comprised of students, staff, faculty, and administration; and,

Be it resolved that this committee be formed beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year and be tasked to examine the policies of the University and make suggestions to make the University more family friendly.

Sarah E. Symonds
GPC President 

Tim Noce
MSA President

Leona Rubin
Faculty Council 

Marijo Dixon
Staff Advisory Council