Fiscal Affairs Committee final report, 2010-2011

Members: Harry Tyrer PhD (Chair), Katti Kattesh PhD, Jonathan Krieckhaus PhD, Xiaoguang Ni PhD, Joe Parcell PhD, Douglass Wakefield PhD:

The charge and focus of the committee was to deal with issues of intellectual property in particular that of patents. The goal is to improve transparency, faculty access to the decision makers and to provide faculty voice to the process. These could be satisfied by a committee of faculty, and staff from the Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations. Working with that office the following committee was recommended to and adopted by Faculty Council. For the following year the recommendation is that Fiscal Affairs continue to work with OTMIR and help oversee the implementation of the committee

Membership and Charge for the MU Faculty Advisory Committees on Intellectual Property, a Faculty Standing Committee

This proposes the creation of the Faculty Standing Committee called the MU Faculty Advisory Committees on Intellectual Property (FACIP). Its role is to provide a more direct conduit between the faculty and The Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations (OTMIR). The economic development mission of the University is dependent on the close cooperation of faculty, staff and student researchers whose innovations will stimulate future research collaborations, licensing opportunities, and start-up companies. This committee will provide faculty with a direct voice to support and give advice to the University's efforts to patent, license and make more readily available the fruits of its intellectual inquiry.

Committee make up

FACIP will work closely with the Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations (OTMIR), which serves in three main sections, Health Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences, and are called Intellectual Property Licensing Units (IPLUs). Each IPLU will consist of a sub-committee made up of three to five faculty members from each area and appointed by the appropriate dean (or his/her designee), OTMIR staff, and as ex-officio to each subcommittee the Director of its respective IPLU. In addition to the individual IPLU subcommittee faculty members, Faculty Council shall appoint 3 members at large to the FACIP. Serving in an ex-officio capacity to the FACIP will be the Vice-Chancellor for Research, the director of The Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations, and the Chair of Faculty Council Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee (or designee). Serving as co-chairs of the FACIP will be the Director of The Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations and the Chair of Faculty Council Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee. This leadership arrangement will apply for the first year or until the committee, working with Faculty Council, changes it. Furthermore given the dynamic nature of Intellectual property matters, IPLUs will be created as needed, requiring the appropriate committee response.

Faculty members will serve 3 years and may be reappointed for a second 3 year term. The IPLU faculty committees plus faculty council appointed at large members in aggregate shall form the Faculty Standing Committee on intellectual property (FACIP). Only faculty serving on the FACIP as part of their faculty duties, and who are primarily appointed as faculty, shall be eligible to vote.

Committee charge

The committee will be advisory to OTMIR and establishes a link between faculty and the Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations. Each IPLU subcommittee will be asked to provide advice. Faculty, through the IPLU will provide two-way feedback on expectations and direction on how OTMIR and its IPLUs might better serve the needs of the faculty, staff, and student researchers they represent.

The FACIP will regularly review the process and outcomes of each Intellectual Property Licensing Unit (IPLU). In particular faculty are concerned with timeliness of progress of their applications. The Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations (OTMIR) with the IPLU staff shall prepare a quarterly report that lists but is not limited to the following data for the previous quarter:

FACIP will review this information and provide assistance to staff for upcoming decision points and make recommendations on issues presented to them. The quarterly report from each IPLU will provide the basis for an aggregate annual report. This report will describe successes, areas for improvement, and identify the percentage of submissions processed in a timely manner by the various decision points. The committee makes those evaluations available to the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Faculty Council. The FACIP also determines how well each licensing unit is doing and what needs to change.

FACIP will assist in educational and outreach events designed to stimulate invention disclosures, and in discussing relevant intellectual property issues and policy changes.

The Intellectual Property Licensing Unit Subcommittees and the MU Faculty Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property will prove beneficial by encouraging positive engagement, and by providing a standard of transparency and accountability between staff and faculty. Further refinements in committee charges and makeup may be necessary for the committee to carry out its work in this dynamic area. Such refinements will be worked out with Faculty Council.