Fiscal Affairs Committee annual report, 2011-2012

Chairman Kattesh V. Katti

Worked with Chris Fender in selecting the full slate of members for the MU Faculty Advisory Committee on IPLU. The following members have been selected from various schools and divisions for participation as members of MU's IPLU approved by their respective deans:

Engineering & Physical Sciences IPLU Subcommittee

Health Sciences IPLU Subcommittee

Ag & Life Sciences IPLU Subcommittee

Progress in Online Educational Programs:

We are forging ahead with strategies for increased revenue generation through 'Online' programs. Our committee is in the midst of streamlining the 'Online' programs so that more MU faculty will participate in this revenue generating enterprise for MU.

Met with the deans of Medicine, Engineering, A&S, and Business schools. A unanimous concern is that MU should come up with a transparent and an attractive revenue sharing model so that faculty from various schools would value their participation in the online program.

Future Activities: