The Role of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Missouri

By Brian Foster, Provost

The duties and influence of a Vice Chancellor or Vice Provost for Research varies with university. At the University of Missouri (MU), the Vice Chancellor for Research has responsibilities and influence at the highest levels of administration and policy. Our Vice Chancellor is one of a select group involved in central issues including strategic planning, budget and facilities. This role is performed as a member of both the Chancellor's and the Provost's staff. As the highest level spokesperson and advocate for research, the Vice Chancellor participates in all significant areas of university policy and administration — planning, finances, facilities, hiring, political priorities (state and federal), economic development and public relations.

The Vice Chancellor is expected to support, promote and increase in amount and in stature research at MU. This requires effective organization and adequate funding of institutional research support and operations, appointment of effective managers for specific services and activities, and perceptive positioning of research efforts and activities in the context of university priorities and national interests. The Vice Chancellor has direct responsibility for:

The Vice Chancellor must appreciate and advocate for the wide spectrum of university research, including research in science, engineering, and humanities; basic and applied; professional programs; externally funded or not, disciplinary or interdisciplinary: the entire range of research and scholarship on a world-class, diverse campus.