The Role of the Graduate Dean at the University of Missouri

By Brian Foster, Provost

The duties and influence of a Dean vary, depending on the College or School. At the University of Missouri, as members of the Deans' Council, deans play a central role, individually and as a group, in the University's academic administration. Deans are involved centrally in issues including strategic planning, budget, curriculum, facilities, and research. Moreover, they are key participants in external relations of the university, including fund raising, alumni relations, economic development, political priorities (federal and state), and public relations.

The graduate dean is expected to support and promote the highest quality graduate programs, aligning graduate education with research, public service, and economic development activities. The dean must be an effective advocate for graduate education, both within the University and externally. The Dean has direct responsibility for:

As a participant in a broad range of institutional discussions and decision making, deans must maintain perspective on the entire range of the University's activities, including different kinds of service, different academic programs, externally and internally supported research: the entire range of education and research on a world-class, diverse campus.