Snow Day Make-Up Day Policy

Faculty Council Statement: The Academic Calendar (SP14) and Recent Snow Day Campus Closures


At this time, Faculty Council recommends no change to the academic calendar for spring semester 2014.




The campus closures of Tuesday, February 5th and Wednesday, February 6th resulted in the loss of two semester days. After reviewing both the campus responses to other closures of the recent past (i.e., the three-day closure of campus in SP2011 and the day and a half closure in SP2013) and the specific conditions of last week’s closure, we find no compelling reason at this juncture to adjust the formal academic calendar for SP2014. Those conditions include the following:



Note to faculty:


Faculty may address missed class time and material as appropriate for their courses (e.g., adjusting assignment schedules; using Tegrity or other online resources; rescheduling the missed class, etc.). Faculty will communicate any such adjustment to their students in a timely manner. In the case of a class reschedule, the instructor cannot penalize the student who has a legitimate conflict with the rescheduled time (e.g., another regularly scheduled course; a previously scheduled exam; a work obligation). To secure classroom space for a make-up class, faculty will need to work with the University Registrar to reserve a room for use during the regular academic day, or use the online room reservation form for room use outside of those hours (


Note to students:


Students are asked to recognize the extraordinary nature of campus closure and be flexible and understanding about changes to course schedules and expectations designed to address the loss of classroom time.


Passed by Faculty Council on Feb. 13th, 2014